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RegRun Security Suite Platinum v9.80.0.680 2018-04-30 Crack


Software Description: RegRun Security Suite Platinum v9.85.0.685 Keygen Crack

RegRun Security Suite Platinum is acomprehensive software application whose purpose is to help youidentify rootkits during Windows boot-up process and removethem.
The tool comes with a suite of powerful utilities for helping youremove malware, manage startup items, work with registry items, aswell as a bunch of programs, such as process manager, system fileseditor, and cleaner.

User interface
Although the program doesn’t excel in the visual department, itdelivers a clean and well-organized set of features. The mainfunctions are grouped into several categories, such asAnti-Malware, Startup, Registry and Utilities.
Additionally, you may open up the configuration panel which hidesvarious dedicated parameters. There’s also support for a helpmanual that provides detailed information about the program’scapabilities.

Anti-Malware options
RegRun Security Suite Platinum gives you the possibility to senddetailed system reports if you can’t identify and remove malware,uninstall unwanted applications and fix browser redirecting issues,remove most or malware/virus/rootkits, identify unknown or infectedfiles, as well as reveal hidden or infected files.
UnHackMe module allows you to remove rootkits, Trojans and backdoorprograms, viruses and worms, adware, spyware, redirecting software,as well as unwanted and useless programs. Additionally, you cancreate a list with exceptions.

Startup management options:
The program helps you optimize Windows startup by deleting orkilling the selected items. Plus, you are allowed to remove spywareand get detailed information about each startup item, such as name,program, location, manufacturer, product and others.
A clean boot mode enables you to restart your computer withoutunnecessary and problematic applications and processes. The toolalso saves startup profiles before the optimization process andallows you to restore them later.
The Watchdog feature proves to be quite handy in case you want tosilently monitor the startup manager during your Windows workingsessions. You can check the startup managers at Windows startup orshutdown, or at a specified time interval.

There’s also a startup analyzer included on the feature list thatenables you to determine the source of Windows startup problems bytracing all activity from the beginning of a Windows startup. TheBootlog analyzer can be used for troubleshooting Windows boot-upproblems using the log generated by Windows.

Registry tools to play with:
Several changes can be done to your registry in order to improveits overall functionality. You can make use of an assistant inorder to search for and replace registry entries, monitor selectedregistry keys, back up and restore your registry, as well asdecrease the size of registry files by removing the deletedregistry keys and values from files.

Extra utilities to experiment with:
RegRun Security Suite Platinum allows you to work with a processmanager for killing items, system file editor for managing textfiles, generate a list of files that are currently opened on yourcomputer, schedule the launching process of different applications,launch several applications simultaneously, clear Windows temporaryfiles, Recycle Bin items, cache, history and cookies from IE, aswell as back up and recover Master Boot Records.

Powerful protection program:
All in all, RegRun Security Suite Platinum delivers an impressivenumber of features and is suitable especially for power users. Itbrings so many features that you may get lost trying to configurethem.

The tool also comes in other editions, such as Standard, Pro andGold but they do not embed all the dedicated parameters included inthe Platinum version. For example, the Standard one doesn’t offersupport for UnHackMe mode, registry assistant and tracer, batchapplication launcher, Trojan and startup analyzer, and registrycompressor.

Installer Size: 36.9 MB

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