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Virtual Audio Cable v4.50.0.9141 Crack


Software Description: Virtual Audio Cable v4.50.0.9141 + Full Crack

Virtual Audio Cable is a multimedia driverdesigned to connect one or more audio applications in order totransfer audio streams between them. This software introduces the’virtual cables’, which refer to a set of virtual audio devicescontaining input and output ports. Practically, the input portrecords the audio signal (for example, from a music player) andsends it to the destination program (such as a sound processor oranalyzer) using the output port.

Here are some key features of “Virtual AudioCable”:
– Local (console) session only (does not work via Remote Desktop orTerminal Services).
– Windows 5.x, 6.x and 10.x platforms (32-bit and 64-bit).
– Up to 256 virtual cable devices (some systems limit number of MMEdevices).
– 1..20 milliseconds per interrupt/event.
– 1..100 pin instances.
– Almost any of fixed point PCM audio formats (1000..384000 samplesper second, 8..32 bits per sample, 1..8 channels). Floating pointformats are not supported.
– Almost no sound latency with maximal interrupt/eventfrequency.
– RTAudio support with notification events, clock and positionregisters. Clock registers are bound to Virtual Cables so allstreams in each cable are coherent.
– Unlimited number of Kernel Streaming clients connected to eachport.
– Signal mixing (with saturation) between output port clients.
– PCM format conversion (sampling rate, bits per sample, number ofchannels).
– Volume control features (both attenuation and boost).
– Channel scattering/gathering mode.
– Watermark control technique to improve stream stability withunstable applications.
– Stream buffering technique to partially compensate badapplication buffering algorithms.
– Control Panel application to configure cables and watch theirstate.
– Audio Repeater application that transfers from any recording toany playback device.

Installer Size: 0.670 MB

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