Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
StaxRip v1.7.0.0 x64 Portable Crack


Software Description: StaxRip v1.7.0.0 x64 Portable Crack Serial

StaxRip is an advanced tool that uses built-inencoders, decoders, muxers and demuxers to rip movies from DVDs andBlu-ray discs and turn them into other formats which areuser-friendly for various devices, like iPhone or Xbox. It solelyaddresses experienced users.

Apart from DirectX and .NET Framework, you don’t need to set upanything else. You can extract StaxRip’s files anywhere on the diskand launch its executable file. This is also possible when savingthe program to a pen drive to use it on any PC. Unlike mostinstallers, it doesn’t modify Windows registry settings.

Installer Size: 181 MB

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