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Red Giant Effects Suite v11.1.11 x64 Crack


Software Description: Red Giant Effects Suite v11.1.11 x64 + Crack

Red Giant’s Effects Suite contains nineessential products to give you the creative freedom to produceHollywood caliber special effects. Having been used for featurefilms such as Avatar and Super 8, Effects Suite gives you the powerof Hollywood right at your own desk. Boasting over 70 individualtools, you’ll be able to author the next blockbuster with easeallowing your creative expression to shine.
Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a trulyprofessional appeal. From volumetric light flares to a believablecartoon look, these are everyday tools for distinctive visualeffects. Effects Suite software has been used in feature films suchas Titanic, Star Wars and Bourne Identity, and the package includesplug-ins that have served the visual effects community for years.This bundle of over 50 plug-ins gives a ton of power at almost 50%savings of their individual cost.

Bundle Includes:
– Composite Wizard
– Holomatrix
– Image Lounge
– Knoll Light Factory
– PlaneSpace
– Psunami
– Text Anarchy
– ToonIt
– Warp

Knoll Light Factory
3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX.
 – Created by Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll
 – Over 100 fully customizable presets
 – After Effects camera-aware – flares can be linked to lightsin 3D space

Composite Wizard
Cleanup tools for keyed footage and more.
 – The simplest complement for your keying solutions
 – Superior Edge control integrates your subject with yourscene
 – Remove unwanted artifacts, then use light and color toolsto finish your composite

Give video the look of a cartoon, comic book or painting.
 – Add interest to ordinary images
 – Believable cartoon effects powered by Toonamation
 – More than 40 presets make workflow easy and fast

Sci-fi holograms. Digital distortion. Bad Reception. Enhancementfor UI and HUD Elements.
 – Recreate holographic looks for your footage, logos ormotion graphic elements
 – Enhance the look of digital signs, screens, and heads-updisplays
 – Mess up your footage to mimic bad reception

Image Lounge
Camera tools, fractals, and distortion effects.
 – Give your image a greater impact
 – Filters replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, andwater
 – Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, andblur/focus effects

Photoreal 3D Water Surfaces.
 – Generate 3D ray-traced water
 – Complete camera control above, at, or under the water’ssurface
 – Easy animation options to create a wide variety of waterenvironments

Shadows, reflections, glows, and corner pinning.
 – Corner-pinning is easy with advanced After Effectsintegration
 – Control perspective, falloff and more for reflections andshadows
 – Now including 3 tools for unique glows and glimmers

Text Anarchy
Automated animation tools for text and more.
 – Move text in grids, lines, spirals or other paths
 – Extensive typographic control
 – Create backgrounds and patterns with included Geomancyplug-in

Instantly arrange and animate 3D layers in After Effects.
 – Create cubes, cylinders, spheroids or complex matrices
 – No keyframes necessary
 – Unlimited number of layers

Installer Size: 204.9 MB

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