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MediaMonkey Gold v4.1.17.1840 Crack


Software Description: MediaMonkey Gold v4.1.17.1840 + Crack

MediaMonkey is aneasy-to-use organizer for serious music collectors. Itcatalogs your CDs, MP3, WMA, and OGG audio tracks, and looks up andintelligently tags and renames/reorganizes them.
MediaMonkey rips CDs, converts audio file formats, and easilycreates mixes. MediaMonkey integrates with Nero for CD Burning, andwith Winamp for playback.

MediaMonkey even includes a built-in player that supports hundredsof Winamp plug-ins, and automatically adjusts volume levels so thatyou don’t have continually fiddle with the volume control.MediaMonkey is a software that will play, ripp and organize yourmusic collection.

The freeware version of MediaMonkey can be upgraded tothe GOLD version which allows you to access to a variety of coolfeatures:
– File Monitor (automatically updates library)
– Integrated CD/DVD Burner (Audio & Data) Up to 48x
– Support for Multiple Collections (e.g. Rock & Classical)
– On-the-fly Audio Conversion and Leveling for Syncs and Burns
– Advanced Searches and AutoPlaylists
– Unlimited MP3 encoding
– Virtual CD / Previews & Sleep Timer
– Automatic library organizer (as a background process)
– High-speed conversion / leveling on multi-core systems

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Here are some key features of “MediaMonkey”:
– A Library which tracks all of the music on your hard drive or onCDs that you own
– Automatically updates based on changes to your music (Gold)
– Automatically update audio CD/track information from Amazon andFreedb
– Organizes music by different attributes, and provides powerfulsearch facilities
– Finds Tracks with problems such as duplicate titles, duplicatecontent, missing tags
– Allows you to easily update properties, and tag your music usingindustry-standard formats (ID3v1&v2, OGG, WMA, APE2)
Allows you to edit many tracks at once:
– Automatically organize and rename files on your hard disk basedon the music’s properties
– Automatically and intelligently tag files based on filenames
– Advanced, intuitive playlist management
– Import and export M3U playlists
– Drag and drop tracks to rapidly create playlists
– Automatically update playlists in response to tracks that havebeen moved
– Organize playlists hierarchically
– AutoPlaylists to dynamically create mixes based on predefinedcriteria
– High-quality audio playback (MP3, WMA, OGG, MPC, APE, etc.)
– Supports Winamp-compatible input/output plug-ins to enable add-onfunctionality
– Supports Winamp-compatible DSP effects such as DFX, for improvedaudio
– Supports Visualization plug-ins for funky visual effects thatmatch your music
– Includes a 10 band equalizer to customize your audioexperience
– Levels Volume so that you no longer have to adjust the volumeknob up and down when music has been recorded at differentlevels
– Integrates with Winamp 2.x if you’re used to Winamp as a playerand MediaMonkey as your organizer
– Synchronizes your music with your portable audio devices
Encoding into various formats (OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV) so that you caneasily add music to your collection:
– Rips audio CD content to your hard drive, with jitter correctionfor troublesome CDs
– Converts from one audio format to another
– Import/Export songs from external sources with ease, using theVirtual CD (Gold)
– Generate previews – short 20-40kb samples of songs to helpqualify unknown music (Gold)
– Burn Audio CDs.

Installer Size: 16.3 MB

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