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mAirList Professional Studio v6.1.1 Build 3852 Crack


Software Description: mAirList Professional Studio v6.1.1 Build 3852 Crack Patch

Today mAirList is a popular solution especiallyamong smaller radio stations and hobby radio DJs. Our customersappreciate the versatility of our software which makes it a perfectsolution for all kinds of radio automation ،like digital self-opstudios ،fully automated web or DAB channels ،or enthusiast homestudios. We believe that everyone deserves a (one!) professionalradio automation software ،whatever you broadcast ،and wherever wecan listen to it.

mAirList is built around a reliable ،fully customizable playoutengine ،with automation and live assist mode ،skinnable userinterface ،a built-in ،touch-screen friendly ،multi-tab cartwall،and voice-tracking support.

Studio Integration
With its various built-in remote control options ،mAirListintegrates perfectly with your professional studio equipment. Wesupport direct remote control for devices from DHD ،Lawo ،Studer،D&R ،Axia ،Wheatstone and others.

Manage your audio files and playlist logs through mAirListDB ،thebuilt-in ،network-enabled audio library. It has built-in musicscheduling ،and can also import playlists from various 3rd-partyscheduling software.

The built-in streaming encoder feeds Shoutcast and Icecast servers،even from server hardware with no physical audio devices. Winampand VST plugins can be used for sound processing. With the MultiInstance option ،you can run dozens of playouts from the samemachine.

mAirList Audio Logger ،available as a separate product ،makeslong-term recordings of one or more audio signals ،and includes aweb server for fast and easy access. The REST API ،with built-insilence detection ،allows integration into surveillence systemslike Icinga.

And much more…
Regionalization ،HTTP interaction ،REST API ،Stream Monitor،scripting ،mixdown ،multichannel audio ،Aircheck Recorder ،MIDI،…

Installer Size: 9.4 MB

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