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MAGIX ACID Music Studio v10.0 Build 162 + ACID Loops Crack


Software Description: MAGIX ACID Music Studio v10.0 Build 162 + ACID Loops Crack

ACID Music Studio is the perfect tool forloop-based music creation, audio recording, MIDI production,effects processing, and studio-quality mixing. Create and shareyour music—burn CDs, upload to the Web, or export MP3s forlistening on your favorite portable players. With built-intutorials to guide you, you’ll be composing, editing, and mixinglike a pro in no time—even if you’re a newcomer to the world ofcomputer music.

What’s New in ACID Music Studio 10:
Recording, import and export
Record your own vocals and instruments over loops in ACID MusicStudio. Extract audio from CDs and import MP3 files for beatmappingand remixing. ACID Music Studio gives you the flexibility to recordfrom virtually any source to produce amazing results. Burn musicCDs, save songs for uploading to your favorite Web sites includingSoundCloud and Indaba Music, and convert to MP3 for playback on allyour favorite portable players.

Studio multitrack recording
Live tracking and overdubbing is easy in ACID Music studio. Recordeverything on separate tracks and take complete control of themix.

Over 3,000 music loops
ACID Music Studio includes 3,000 Sony Sound Series loops in a widevariety of genres so you can get started making music right away.Pick the loops you like, paint them into ACID Music Studio, and getgreat results fast — even if you’re a newcomer to the world ofcomputer music.

Publish your songs
ACID Music Studio includes a free one-year Indaba Music Promembership. Remix major artists, get placements and exposure, findgigs, enter contests, and more. Indaba Music opens a wealth ofopportunities for members. Includes 5GB of cloud storage space.

Mixing, editing, and MIDI
ACID Music Studio is a complete package for tracking, routing,processing, mixing, rendering, and sharing your own original music.Take full advantage of the spontaneous time and pitch controls thatmade ACID famous while digging in and accessing all the audio andMIDI features you’d expect in a great DAW.Enhanced remixingtools

For remixing your favorite songs, only ACID Music Studio has theBeatmapper tool. This tool automatically finds the tempo of anentire song, making it easy to remix. You can even Beatmap songswith changing tempos and time signatures.

Effects and instruments
ACID Music Studio is packed with built-in signal and effectsprocessing tools, including élastique timestretching, EQ, reverb,delay, chorus, flange, phase, distortion, and echo. VST plug-insupport opens the door to a massive world of signal and effectsprocessing options, as well as all the best in today’s virtualinstrument offerings.

Inline MIDI editing
Enter and edit MIDI data quickly on good-looking piano roll anddrum grid timelines. MIDI notes and envelope automation points areeasy to draw, grab, and reposition in ACID Music Studio. Snappyperformance and a responsive, highly functional interface willencourage you to explore more options in less time, and conservecreative energy in the process.

Audio and MIDI mixing console
The Mixing Console has the look and feel of hardware-based gear andprovides an integrated view of all the tracks and busses used inyour projects. This view can be continuously toggled to displayonly the channels that you need to see while mixing complexsessions. ACID Music Studio 10 supports up to four audio busses andfour assignable effects chains.

Exclusive guitar and piano software bundle
ACID Music Studio 10 includes Studio Devil™ British Valve Customguitar amp and TruePianos™ Amber Lite piano plug-in – a set ofpowerful studio-quality software packages.

TruePianos Amber Lite piano
TruePianos™ Amber Lite is a high-quality VST piano plug-in whichincludes options to control dynamics and reverb for the mostrealistic piano experience.

Studio Devil British Valve Custom (BVC)software
The Studio Devil™ British Valve Custom VST plug-in featureshigh-gain amp emulation based on a Marshall® stack. Adjust driveand power amp compression, then monitor with built-in 4×12 cabinetemulation.MIDI and VST automation

Use track envelope automation to exercise precise control overinstrument and plug-in parameter changes. Save all changes withyour projects.

Sections and folders
Bind collections of events, envelopes, regions, and markerstogether, allowing them to be moved together as single units.Folder tracks reduce clutter by allowing user-defined groups oftracks (for example, all drum and percussion tracks in a singlesong) to be nested into their own folder tracks, and expanded forediting as needed.

Tempo curves
Easily create gradual transitions in tempo over the duration of aproject. Transition types include Linear, Fast, Slow, Smooth,Sharp, and Hold. Tempo curves are an efficient way to createdramatic or subtle tempo changes in your project.

Installer Size: 152 MB

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