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iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.01 Crack


Software Description: iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.01 Crack Patch

Achieve a clear, well-balanced mix with Neutron’s innovative newmixing and analysis tools. Control every aspect of your music, fromthe visual soundstage of your tracks to the tonal balance of yourmix—all with iZotope’s award-winning digital signal processing.

Top Features:
Tonal Balance Control
The new Tonal Balance Control plug-in introduces industry-firstvisual analysis and communicates with all instances of Neutron soyou can shape a perfectly balanced mix. Instantly call up anyNeutron EQ and adjust your tracks to targets based on hundreds ofprofessional mixes. You can even create your own custom targetsfrom one or more songs in your personal library.

Visual Mixer
The new Visual Mixer creates a picture of the entire soundstage,giving you control over individual tracks and enabling you toquickly and intuitively set the contour of your mix—all withoutleaving the window. Control the pan, gain, and width inside ofNeutron so your mix sounds exactly how you intended.

Masking Meter
An industry first, Neutron’s Masking Meter allows you to visuallyidentify perceptual frequency collisions, which can result inguitars masking lead vocals, bass covering up drums, and otherissues that can cause a “muddy” or overly crowded mix. Toggleseamlessly between any two tracks to carve out sonic space andensure that each instrument has its own place to shine

Improved Track Assistant
Another industry first, Neutron’s updated Track Assistant lets youcreate a custom starting point based on your audio so you can focuson what’s most important—your creative take on the mix. In versiontwo, we’ve made improvements including the ability to setauto-release, ratio and attack on the Compressor, piano instrumentdetection based on machine learning, and more.

Improved Neutrino Mode
Different instrument tracks — like vocals, dialogue, guitar, bass,piano, and drums — are automatically detected. Neutron then appliesiZotope’s spectral shaping technology within Neutrino Mode toprovide subtle clarity and balance to each of your tracks.

EQ, with EQ Learn
The workhorse EQ features clean yet subtly warm processing and apristine analog-style signal path. With 12 bands of powerful staticand dynamic EQ, a range of new and vintage filter types, andflexible sidechain capabilities, it’s your new go-to EQ for allyour mixing tasks. Version 2 also adds analog-style soft saturationfor an even warmer sound.

A parallel processing powerhouse, the Compressor offers theultimate sonic versatility: the very best of classically ‘gluey’character as well as transparent digital compression styles. Adjustto taste with features like Vintage mode, Auto Release, andflexible Analog (zero latency) and Transparent (hybrid) crossoversfor the ultimate in multiband control.

The new Gate offers all the modern DSP processing you’d expect fromiZotope plus analog-style touches, like Hysteresis, that offersmoother noise gating. With three bands, Crossover Learnfunctionality, and Hold option, you can get the ultimate controlover removing bleed and creating better separation of your tracks.separation of your tracks.

Transient Shaper
The multiband Transient Shaper offers clarity, perceptual loudness,and impact enhancement for the most responsive sonic sculptinganywhere. With three musically versatile Contour controls, yourdrums, guitars, vocals and sound FX have never sounded thispunchy.

The exciter allows you to easily add punch, warmth, brightness, andpresence to yourtrack without muddying up the sound. With threepowerful Emphasis modes, a unique, multiband blend interfacefeaturing Tape, Tube, and two special iZotope algorithms, you canfine-tune the color of your saturation to suit the needs of yourtrack.

With three distinct algorithms to choose from, the Limiter offershuge sonic variety when adjusting levels: from ultra-transparent toclean (low latency) pumping to a crunchy brick wall. Each algorithmhas three modes for tailoring the character and intensity of thelimiting, and Neutron’s detailed True Peak, RMS and Short-termmetering provides the accuracy needed for both broadcast and codecstandards.

Surround Support
Neutron’s high-quality, CPU-efficient audio processing offerszero-latency processing across all mixing modules, an award-winningBS.1770 True Peak Limiter, dynamic EQ with sidechaining tosonically balance sub-mixes, an automatic dialogue-polishingNeutrino mode, and surround sound support in all 6 modules andindividual plug-ins.

Over 500 Presets
Not sure where to start? Pick from one of over 500 professionallydesigned presets. Choose from individual module presets or presetsfor genre, instrument, or style.sets or presets for genre,instrument, or style.

Installer Size: 342.8 MB

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