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Flowbox v1.5.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Flowbox v1.5.0 x64 + Full Crack

Flowbox, is a new compositing tool for filmproduction use. It will speed-up users’ work and make theirworkflow more flexible. It refines the node-based approach andoffers a global repository of nodes for image composition, analysisand processing. It also allows users to fully use the power oftheir hardware with automatic CUDA/OpenCL acceleration.

Roto basics- your favorite roto-features at yourfingertips
Create shapes with bezier curves, points, tangents.
Control softness of your mattes with feature curves.
Quickly control entire shapes with shape box.

RotoSTROKE – the smart rotoscopy on themarket
Stop dragging points one by one. create, move and adjust your shapewith strokes. We have created an intelligent point distribution tooptimize your shapes. smart tangents which will follow your desiredshape

Tackle the most challenging roto shapes: organic,soft objects, clothes and hair OR just finish your daily rotofaster…it doesn’t matter if you have a small job or hundreds ofshots Flowbox’s intuitive interface and high tech tools will getyou through it faster.
Save time, money and frustration.

At Flowbox we create tools for visual effects artists & studioswith a focus on Collaboration & Cloud, Automation, an opentools. Current tools are outdated, Flowbox is built on a modernplatform that is ready to take on cutting edge media platforms i.e.VR.

Features like you’ve never seen
Create and animate mattes in seconds notminutes
– Create mattes in seconds drawing them with rotoDRAW
– Animate with rotoSNAP – complex hair detail? Clothing in thewind? No problem.
– Intelligent Ripple Edit – wanna do a last minute fix? No worries- with our new algorithm it’s gonna be perfect
– Use fast point tracker or import tracking from Mocha Pro

Work faster than an expert with our LiveQC integratedworkflow
– LiveQC is a group of intelligently designed features that allowyou to check the quality and output of your roto on the fly.
– Multiple Viewers – for instant feedback
– Follow Shapes/Points – to stabilize every element with or withouttracking
– Isolate Mode will help you focus on selected shapes
– Lifetime Control – made visually
– Power Display Settings – customize per action, how you want tosee shapes and points.

Work fast and comfortably
– If you work in Nuke, Fusion or in another node based system youfeel right at home
– If you work in AfterEffects or another timeline system then youwill be suprised how simple our Nodes are to use
– Our interface and platform is by far the simplest and easiest touse

Support Roto with our light Compositing nodes
– Merge, Transform, Keyer, Grade, CornerPin, Blur, Invert,Premultiply

Fast export to other software in your pipeline or to yourclient
– Export to Nuke and AfterEffects
– Import tracking from Mocha

Installer Size: 104 MB

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