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Drastic MediaNXS v6.0.166 x64 Crack


Software Description: Drastic MediaNXS v6.0.166 x64 + Full Crack

MediaNXS offers a comprehensive range ofcapture, playback, import and export features for the digitalintermediate workflow. Integrate easily with industry standardautomation and controllers, and control external VTRs for pull-insand laybacks. Use onscreen monitoring including signal analysistools to complement your hardware I/O. Create the files you requirefrom collaboration to delivery with our extensive broadcast andproduction file format support.

MediaNXS software provides a bridge between the digitalintermediate workflow and the real world. User directed, time ofday, or set duration record directly to your preferred file type.Edit in Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer while stillingesting. Import existing files for playback. Create lowresolution proxy files via export for logging and editing, andgenerate full resolution conforms for downstream processing anddelivery. Maintain project-based media pools and settings. Outputvia Drastic’s robust VGA preview for passthrough and output videoplus a range of signal analysis tools (vectorscope, waveformmonitor, and histogram), with built in metadata display.

Application Compatibility and Conversion
MediaNXS not only supports physical I/O, it also providestranscoding from and to formats used by your digital intermediatesoftware. Direct support for the formats used in Smoke/Flame,Assimilate Scratch, Nuke, Final Cut Pro, Avid editors, PremierePro, Digital Fusion, After Effects, Shake, Motion, Combustion andmany more. MediaNXS creates both compressed and uncompressed filesthat are supported directly by these applications. This means noextra steps in moving media between your editing, graphics, colorgrading and CGI tools and the real world, from creation todelivery.

Crash, Timed and Basic On Set Recording
MediaNXS provides a variety of recording methods and settings.

File Import and Export via Embedded MediaReactor
MediaNXS includes selected components of Drastic’s award winningMediaReactor file translation engine. This allows a wide variety offiles that cannot be worked in real time, to be imported orexported to file formats that can. The new file will always be toone of the industry standard formats MediaNXS supports for nativeplayback.

Clip Bin and Thumbnail View
Each MediaNXS project features a “Clip Bin” that contains aselected subset of the files available to your system. These filescan be displayed as a clip list or a series of thumbnails, limitingthe amount of information that needs to be dealt with at one time.Full sorting capabilities make it easy to find your clips, even invery large clip bins.

For all records, the metadata set is embedded into the media filewhere possible, and also stored in a sidebar XML file so that noinformation is lost. Metadata may be displayed for any loaded clipby selecting the Metadata View tab.

Timeline and EDL Editing
MediaNXS projects maintain a cuts-only conform that may be viewedas a timeline or a traditional EDL (edit decision list). Clips maybe added dynamically from the Thumbs view or Clip list. An Adddialog is available for clips not in the Clip list.

Batch Control External VTRs In and Out
Control an external VTR for frame accurate EDL based pull-ins andmulticlip timeline based laybacks. Automatically create timelinesthrough EDL batch capture. Exchange and edit timeline componentsfor multiple distributables. Lay back the timeline in one pass andexport a matching EDL.

Signal Analysis and Measurement
Built into MediaNXS are preview, vectorscope, waveform YCbCr,waveform RGB and histogram displays. Single link or dual link(hardware-dependent), RGB or YCbCr and file monitoring aresupported. These signal analysis and measurement tools provide ageneral reference to confirm input and playback signal levels,color balance and other information.

Installer Size: 95 MB

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