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Avid Media Composer v8.4.4 Crack


Software Description: Avid Media Composer v8.4.4 Full Crack

Avid Media Composer is a full-featured videoediting suite that delivers state-of-the-art standard and highdefinition editing, bent on providing a real-time productionenvironment that can be shared throughout the cloud.

Avid Media Composer has been on the market for quite some time,being the video editor of choice for industries such as film andtelevision, but keeping itself in reach for other fields aswell.

Often referred to as ‘The Avid’, Media Composer is a non-linearediting system, sporting a non-destructive approach towards sourcevideos and allowing you to access any frame inside a clipregardless of its position.

Throughout the time, The Avid kept itself highly interactive, beingopen to virtually any media format that you can think of, acceptingthe most popular media types, as well as the latest cameratechnologies.

The convenience of the workflows offers a boost in productivity,while the overall experience is optimized by the fast rendering andsmooth playback of the videos, with improved support for largebins.

Videos can become unique and dramatic with the aid of the 2D and 3Dcomposite suite, as well as by applying various graphic filters,animation, transition and motion effects, with the possibility totrack and stabilize the movement inside your clips.

To make things even better, you can optimize the content for aflawless playback quality on disc and furthermore, author DVDs onthe spot seamlessly.

Projects can be shared with your editing team regardless of yourwhereabouts through the Interplay series, which allow for acloud-based collaboration with your coworkers.

With newer releases of the product, the automation level has beenoptimized, the product being able to automate non-creative mediatasks without tampering with your editorial workflow.

Experiencing with Avid Media Composer means having the speed,accuracy and flexibility that professional video editors need inorder to produce high-quality, high-definition movies whilepreserving the creativity that an audience so much appreciates.

Here are some key features of “Avid MediaComposer”:
Capture, monitor, and output with AJA IoExpress:
– Expand your audio and video capabilities with the popular, newlysupported AJA Io Express interface. For those who don’t need theextra power provided by Avid Mojo DX and Nitris DX acceleratedhardware, Io Express gives you video I/O capabilities in a morecost-effective solution.

Edit HDCAM SR Lite footage natively:
– With new AMA (Avid Media Access) support for the Sony HDCAM SRLite codec, you can directly access the media and all associatedmetadata – without transcoding – to get a jump-start on editing andselecting suitable clips.

Accelerate AVC-Intra workflows with Nitris DXAVC-Intra:
– If you work with processor-intensive Panasonic AVC-Intramaterial, you can get real-time multi-stream playback and speed upyour workflow with support for the new Avid Nitris DX AVC-Intrainterface, which features built-in AVC-Intra encoding. Anyoneworking with this popular format will benefit from vastly superiorperformance using Nitris DX AVC-Intra.

Speed up editing and mixing with the ArtistSeries:
– Take full hands-on control over most video and audio editing andmixing functions with built-in EUCON support for Artist Control,Artist Mix, and Artist Transport control surfaces. With highlyresponsive tactile controls, unrivaled software interactivity, andprogrammable Soft Keys that enable you to perform complex functionswith just one touch, you’ll never go back to editing with just akeyboard and mouse again.

Find the right clips fast with PhraseFind:
– Find video clips based on a spoken word or phrase with AvidPhraseFind, powered by Nexidia, a new Avid software option forMedia Composer 5.5, Symphony 5.5, and NewsCutter 9.5. PhraseFindcombines audio indexing with dialog search, so you can quickly findthe right takes by typing a few words, or pull up every clipcontaining a certain word to edit dialog. All this from rightwithin Media Composer, so you’ll be able to spend more timerefining your edits instead of importing results or digging throughbins.

Directly tweak transitions with the SmartTool:
– Forget having to adjust transitions in the Quick Transitionsdialog or Effects Editor. You can now manipulate transitionsdirectly in the timeline with your mouse and the expanded SmartTool. When enabled, simply grab one of the two handles to alter thespan of the effect in the timeline, or grab the center to changethe transition’s position in your edit.

Gain better search capabilities:
– With the improved Find tool, you can quickly and easily find whatyou need by searching through clips, sequences, script text, thetimeline, and monitors. You can even search for material in bins onlocal and shared storage.

Enhance your audio:
– Work with audio in more ways than ever before. Recordhigh-quality voiceovers and overdubs in Media Composer and monitoryour work using Pro Tools hardware, including the third generationMbox family, Pro Tools|HD, and Pro Tools|HD Native (note: videohardware must be disabled/disconnected in this application – MojoSDI and Matrox MX02 Mini users can toggle between video andhardware using the “1394” button). Specify audio track formats (upto 16 audio channels) before bringing them into your project,either in the Import Settings or AMA Settings dialog. And expandyour audio sweetening palette with 20 new RTAS plug-in effects byAIR (the same ones included in Pro Tools).

Fuel your creativity with the ProductionSuite:
– With updates to the Production Suite, included in all boxedversions of Media Composer, you can create stunning video effects,graphics, music, and more, and deliver content for web or discplay. This updated collection includes Boris Continuum Complete 7,Sorenson Squeeze 6.0.4, Avid FX 5.8.3, SmartSound SonicFire Pro5.5.2, and Avid DVD 6.1.1.

Installer Size: 1712 MB

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