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Solar Fire v9.0.25 Crack


Software Description: Solar Fire v9.0.25 + Activation Crack

Solar Fire is an exciting culmination of yearsof hard work and creativity. This astrology program for Windows wasfirst produced in 1992 and has been expanding ever since to becomea world leader. Earlier versions brought an unprecedented level ofease to casting and working with astrological charts. The currentversion adds many more calculations, extra convenience features,more interpretive text, and exciting new kinds of graphicdisplays.
Chart2SOLAR FIRE contains something for everyone. For advancedastrologers and professionals, it has a great variety ofhigh-precision astrological calculations, and an exceptional degreeof user-customisation. For novices, its innovative point-and-clickchart interpretations provide an enjoyable way to learn, while itsmany easy to explore options are an invitation to experiment withnew techniques.

Why the loyal following?
It all begins with the main screen of Solar Fire. Immediately youfeel a certain calm and order, a restful respite from informationoverload. And yet, somehow, it’s all there.
You can immediately see the current state of the program, whatcharts and options are currently selected and every one of the hugearray of program functions is accessible from this deceptivelysimple main screen’s menu bar. How did such awesome power getpacked into so simple and easy an interface? The secret isconsistency, and thoughtful, careful planning.
The data files that Solar Fire uses are simple, straightforwardand, most important, similar to each other. This means that onceyou learn how to select an aspect set, for example, selecting anyof the myriad of other options is easy.
Entering the place, zone, latitude and longitude also couldn’t besimpler, because Solar Fire comes with the built-in ACSInternational Atlas. Just type in the data and place and thelatitude, longitude and time zone are automatically looked up foryou.

ConstellationChart Data Files
Once saved, a chart is simple to find because of a number ofthoughtful touches. You can group charts into any number of files –files for you, your family, your first-time clients, your ongoingclients, your research projects or books. In addition to the filename, you can write an 80-character description of what’s in thefile; this appears on the screen to jog your memory each time thefile is selected.
Even though a file can contain more than a thousand charts, you canlocate a chart quickly by typing the first few letters of the name,or re-sorting the file into various alphabetical orders, by date ofbirth, or by when the chart was added to the file. And if you don’tremember which file a chart is in, no problem – Solar Fire willlook for the chart in all your files at once. Files are easilyreorganized by moving, copying, deleting and editing charts. Plus,for every chart you store, you can keep unlimited comments that youcan read and edit whenever the chart is selected.

Wheels – Plain and Fancy
Solar Fire lets you change the appearance of the charts. You canassign any colour that your computer screen offers to eachindividual planet, sign and aspect type. You can pick unusual fontsfor the birth data and ‘Compliments of’ text, as well as from anexciting new array of wheels, from maximally readable to maximallycolourful and exotic.

In case none of these wheels suit you, Solar Fire has a unique,innovative Wheel Designer that lets you easily design your own.Let’s face it: most of us don’t need 200 wheels, we just need a fewthat we like. Using the Wheel Designer, you can have the fun ofchanging the size and number of circles and charts on each wheel,the line style, cusp style, placement size and type style anddozens of other attributes. The neatest thing about it is that youcan see the changes take place as you make them. No waiting and nounpleasant surprises!

Blue Starry SquigglesPage Layout and Design
You can choose from an array of page designs available to suit yourneeds or design your own page complete with unique wheels, reportsand even your own logo. You can find a page to suit your needswhether you are a horary, medieval, psychological or esotericastrologer! Astrological publishing has never been this easy. Alsonote our lovely CHART ART displays (include images)

Chart Art Galore
Our team of Solar Fire designers and artists has added a range of110+ Chart Art to create beautiful backdrops for your chart work.See our beautiful array of designs by Celine Lawrence (designer),Kay Steventon (artist), Hank Friedman (artist) and Eila Laurikainen(designer) and then choose your favourites. Since first releasingour Solar Fire Gold we have added new Chart Art with themes – LoveArt for Relationship Astrology Work and Child Art for children’scharts.

50 Standard Points are available throughout the program. Theseinclude Sun through Pluto, North and South Lunar Nodes (mean ortrue), Part of Fortune (fixed or different day/night), Asc, MC,Vertex, and Equatorial Asc (“East Point”); Earth, Chiron, Ceres,Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygeia and Astraea; 8 Uranian planets,Transpluto, Vulcan (D. Baker or L.H. Weston version), and the BlackMoon Lilith (mean position). Also included are points such as Eris,Sedna, Selena (White Moon), Polar Ascendant and much more.

You can include any or all of these points in the main ring ofwheels and in virtually all other options of Solar Fire, includingthe astro-location maps and planetarium view. You can create andsave different point sets for different uses, and in Solar Fire’slists and tables you can have the points arranged in the order thatyou prefer.

30 House Systems include Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian,Morinus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Whole Signs,Alcabitius and Hindu Bhava. There are also equal houses from theAscendant; equal with the Ascendant in the center of the 1st; equalwith any planet, the lunar north Node, the Part of Fortune, theEquatorial Ascendant, 0° Aries or 0° of the Sun sign on the 1st;and equal with the MC on the 10th or the Vertex on the 7th. Housescan be calculated for geographic or geocentric latitude. Inaddition, Gauquelin sector positions are available in tables and inthe chart and electional searches. Solar Fire v9 sees the additionof Part of Fortune Whole Sign System.

Aspect Support
26 predefined aspects for the first 12 harmonics (conjunctionsthrough semisextiles, plus septiles, noviles, undeciles and theirmultiples), and also parallels and contraparallels are included inSolar Fire. Each predefined aspect has its own glyph, and can haveits own color and line style. You can also define additionalaspects with their own arc widths, orbs, colours, line styles andalphabetical symbols.

You can set different orbs for natal, transiting and progresseduse, and different orbs for the luminaries vs. other points. Youcan also create different orbs for each individual pair of pointsby choosing Solar Fire’s “planet ratio” orbs. Other available waysof doing aspects include moieties, unidirectional, sign-to-sign,and “3-D” (off-the-ecliptic) aspects. You can create and store anunlimited number of different aspect sets for differentpurposes.

Red PlanetsEncyclopedia
We have taken the best of Devores’ Encyclopedia and added our ownnew definitions to make up the Solar Encyclopedia. Students ofastronomical cycles will like the ingress, lunar-phase, rise/set,and return charts. Returns can be for any planet or asteroid, or toany specified point in the zodiac, and you can do a whole string ofreturns automatically from one input. You can also find ingressesand eclipses in the dynamic search option, and can create customephemeris pages for any period in history.

Birthday Pop Up Reminders
Every day that you open your Solar Fire your selected reminderswill pop-up so you may never again forget the birthdays of clients,family and friends.

3000+ Rodden-rated charts in new chart categories includingAdventure, Art & Design, Business, Crime & Infamy,Esoteric, Fashion & Society, Horse Racing, Literature, Media,Military, Music & Dance, Politics, Religion, Royalty, Science,Screen & Stage, Sports. PLUS the Australia Data collection.

(also known as Cosmodynes) Many of you have requested thistechnique and our team has responded. Astrodynes can be viewed andprinted in the new Report View tabulation list and have also beenadded as 8 different page objects. These can be added to a pageusing the Page Designer.

Installer Size: 143.01 MB

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