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Kolor Panotour v1.5.1.400 Crack


Software Description: Kolor Panotour v1.5.1.400 Crack Serial

Kolor Panotour revolutionizes the creation of interactivevirtual tours by freeing you from programming tasks. Everything isdone in a few clicks using the software’s intuitive interface.

Kolor Panotour and Panotour Pro are software applications meant tocreate professional interactive virtual tours without the need ofany programming skill. The user interface of Panotour software lineis designed to make virtual tour creation simple, intuitive andpowerful. Kolor Panotour Pro also enables the editing of gigapixelimages; this is a world first.

Multiple formats accepted
You can add and create interactions between images of any size (upto 360° x 180°) and almost all graphic formats (JPG, PNG, PSD/PSB,KRO, TIFF and RAW files from most cameras).

Customizable layout

The Panotour interface is customizable. You can enable ordisable certain components, move them or even turn them intoindependent windows
In just a few clicks, create multi-views virtualtours
How do you create beautiful virtual tours including multiple viewswithout having to spend hours on them? It’s easy: just drag theclickable area (hotspot) of an image onto a target image. The linkis created automatically. So now you can create a link between oneroom and another in a second. Everything is visual. No need toimmerse yourself in programming to create virtual tours with 1, 10or 100 shots anymore.

Easy interactions using hotspots
Hotspots are areas that allow you to create interactions in avirtual tour. With hotspots, it’s possible to create links betweenshots, display a photo, open an external website, displaycontextual information and animations and more. Hotspots will beespecially useful in customizing your virtual tours. With Panotour,you have access to several types of hotspots (polygonal,rectangular, pinpoint) adapted for each type of interaction.

Static photos and images
With Panotour, easily integrate photos, images and animations intoyour virtual tours. Embed them into the content (in a hanging frameon the wall for example) and have them appear with a 3D effect.

Installer Size: 23.05 MB

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