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STATISTICA v12.5.192.7 x64 Crack


Software Description: STATISTICA v12.5.192.7 x64 Crack

The Enterprise line of STATISTICA products isdesigned for multi-user, collaborative analytic applications andcan be used in any corporate or research environment – anywherethat groups of users perform data analysis on shared datasets orwhere they can benefit from tools for collaborative work such asstatistical process control (SPC) and quality control (QC). TheseSTATISTICA products contain the same suite of analytic capabilitiesas the STATISTICA desktop solutions. Those analytic procedures aredeployed on a server and are architected for the simultaneous useby tens or hundreds of users. STATISTICA provides a Windows clientand a Web browser client for full access to STATISTICA capabilitiesand reports through an industry-standard Web browser.

In consultation with our clients over the last two decades, wehave learned that the major barriers to the use of analyticsare:

– Ease of use: Regardless of the power of ananalytics platform, if it is not intuitive, the vast majority ofusers within an organization will not adopt it.

– Integration with Data Repositories: Access todata often involves a time-consuming collaboration between theindividuals who know the definition of the data they need and thoseindividuals who understand the data repository and the approach toextracting the required data set.

– Collaboration: Activities within an organizationare rarely a single individual operating in isolation. Instead,these activities are programs that require collaboration among manyindividuals.

StatSoft understands that for many organizations the status quo isnot good enough in terms of taking best advantage of the wealth ofdata being collected and stored. Personnel within theseorganizations would benefit by utilizing these data, but thebarriers and time commitment to do so prevent it. What is needed isan integrated system of data querying, data mining, data analysis,and data visualization techniques all within a secure, multi-user,collaborative environment.

Imagine a software system where an individual simply a) has therequisite permissions and b) clicks on an analysis listed in afolder structure to be presented with the results based on thelatest data. The individual doesn’t need to know where the data arestored, they are being aggregated from two repositories, and theproduct specifications were queried separately once she selectedthe product and test of interest. All that the individual needed toknow was the name of the analysis to run. STATISTICA’s Enterpriseproducts deliver that user experience.

Data Analysis Software Solutions
At the highest level, the following are the major functional piecesof the STATISTICA Enterprise system:

– Connections to Data Repositories: STATISTICA isconfigured within your organization to recognize the relevant datarepositories that store the data of interest for mining, analysisand visualization.

– Analysis Templates: STATISTICA storesdefinitions of analysis templates that can be manually orautomatically initiated. These templates are either “hardcoded”with all of the analysis parameters specified in the template, orcan be “parameterized” to allow the user of the template to selectwhich data and specific analyses are of interest.

– Interactive Filtering: STATISTICA provides arobust set of filtering capabilities to hide the complexities ofthe data structures Structured Query Language (SQL) from theuser.  Instead, users are presented with an easy-to-use menuof values (e.g., product name, date/time range) from which they mayselect to determine the data of immediate interest.

– Reports: STATISTICA provides customizable reporttemplates to define the page layout and format for reports to beproduced on a regular basis. STATISTICA includes a schedulingapplication to manage the automation of the production of thesereports at specified time intervals.

– Security and Permissions: In a multi-usersoftware application, treating everyone the same is notappropriate. Roles and responsibilities within an organizationdiffer from individual to individual. STATISTICA stores accountinformation about what the user should be able to view, modify, andperform while utilizing the system. One major contributor to thesystem’s ease-of-use is that users do not see features and reportsthat are irrelevant to them.

The STATISTICA system provides the analysis companion to your datarepositories, utilizing the above categories of capabilities. As anoff-the-shelf software system, STATISTICA provides general objectsthat are configured through its administration user interfaces.

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