Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
RoboGEO v6.3.2 Crack


Software Description: RoboGEO v6.3.2 + Full Crack

Used by thousands of companies and governments worldwide,RoboGEO is the best-of-breed solution forgeocoding digital photos. RoboGEO’s approach is “software only” andthat makes it less expensive, more convenient, and more powerfulthan hardware-based products.

Write to the EXIF Headers
Write the latitude, longitude, altitude and photo direction to theimage’s EXIF headers to permanently embed the location data withinthe actual image. The writing is lossless, so there’s no loss ofimage quality.
You can also read and write IPTC data. It’s lossless too.

Stamp the Images
Stamp the local time, UTC offset, latitude, longitude, altitude,photo direction and datum at the bottom of each image.
You can specify numerous options for the watermarks, including thelatitude and longitude formats.
Click on the thumbnail to the right to view an example.

Geocode Photos Using Google Earth™
Use Google Earth as a geocoder. Simply position the crosshair tothe desired location and then press the Geocode button.
Since everything occurs on your local computer, it’s faster thanusing a web based application.
This feature also allows you to quickly preview or adjust anexisting image location – just press the F5 key.

Installer Size: 12.55 MB

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