Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
QPS Qimera v1.1.1.209 x64 Crack


Software Description: QPS Qimera v1.1.1.209 x64 Cracked

QPS Qimera is an easy to use yet most powerfulsonar data processing application. Built using core QPStechnologies، As well as QPS QINSy projects، Qimera supports themajor raw sonar file formats and by working with the DynamicWorkflow™ it revolutionises the way data is handled and theoperator experience when processing hydrographic data.  How?Qimera intelligently and interactively guides the operator throughthe data processing stages، simplifying what traditionally has beena convoluted process.

Utilising the latest computing technologies، the unique IOBalanced Multi-Core engine in Qimera is specifically designed toprocess sonar data as rapidly as possible. Qimera also contains anumber of advanced tools including Sound Velocity Profiling(refraction)، Calibration (Patch Test)، and a Wobble Test (fortroubleshooting common sensor installation/integrationissues).Qimera supervises a less experienced user through thestages of bathymetry processing by intelligently prompting the nextnecessary action(s). The Dynamic Workflow™ uniquely remembers whatactions and settings have been applied to the project data، and sois able to highlight files that need further processing actions inorder to complete the workflow.Remember، Qimera is a completely newproduct! Qimera is first and foremost a software platform designedto be offered stand-alone، or that can also be part of a QPS suiteof tools. Qimera has the flexibility to penetrate into many marketswith a variety of workflows، and Qimera is feature rich، fast،accurate and easy to use resulting in a good value proposition.Furthermore، Qimera is built to be localized for regional (locallanguage) flexibility and User experience. Yes، Qimera doesleverage some existing QPS technology، but importantly it has beenbuilt from the ground up.

Here are some key features of “QPS Qimera”:
– Qimera is easy to use and offers a guided workflow.
– Supports QPS and 3rd party raw sonar data formats.
– Offers 2D/3D/4D interactive processing.
– Supports projects with Multi-day، Multi-Vessel، Multi-MBES.
– Is 64-Bit and fully leverages modern computing technology withit’s I/O Balanced Multi-Core engine.
– and much more!


Installer Size: 742.14 MB

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