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Prometech Particleworks v5.2 Crack


Software Description: Prometech Particleworks v5.2 Crack Serial

Particleworks is a CFD software based on anadvanced numerical method known as the Moving Particle Simulation(MPS) method. The mesh-free nature of MPS allows for robustsimulation of free-surface flows at high resolutions, saving theneed to generate meshes for the fluid domain. Since its firstrelease in 2009, Particleworks has been introduced to a wide rangeof industries.

Splashing and Free-Surface Flow
Since fluid is divided into a set of discrete elements, orparticles that are allowed to move freely, large deformation,coalescence and segmentation of fluid, and rapid change of flow aresimulated without complicated preparation or meshing inadvance.

Flexible fluid-powder/fluid-rigid bodyIntegration
No complicated settings are required for simulating interactionsbetween fluids and powders, or fluids and rigid bodies.

Straightforward Pre-processing with No Mesh GenerationRequired
Particleworks provides direct file import from CAD software toreduce costs associated with mesh generation that is required forconventional CFD software.

Multi-core CPU and GPU computing supported
Particleworks supports multi-core CPU computing (OpenMP and MPI),GPU computing using GPU boards, and multi-GPU computing, takingadvantage of parallelization to shorten calculations and handlelarge-scale computing. Particleworks can run on NVIDIA CUDA-basedGPUs, giving it overwhelming performance gains in all simulationenvironments, from desktop PCs to large-scale servers.
Software reflects latest research results
Particleworks’ design and development are based on the latestresearch results by Dr Seiichi Koshizuka̶professor at the GraduateSchool of Engineering, The University of Tokyo; developer of theMPS method; and founder/director of Prometech Software, Inc.Particleworks is continually gaining new simulation analysis skillsthroughout development from companies and university laboratoriesacross Japan.

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