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Lingo v11.0 Crack


Software Description: Lingo v11.0 Crack

LINGO is a comprehensive tool designed to makebuilding and solving Linear, Nonlinear (convex &nonconvex/Global), Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, SecondOrder Cone, Stochastic, and Integer optimization models faster,easier and more efficient. LINGO provides a completely integratedpackage that includes a powerful language for expressingoptimization models, a full featured environment for building andediting problems, and a set of fast built-in solvers.

Here are some key features of “LINGO”:
Easy Model Expression
– LINGO will help you cut your development time. It lets youformulate your linear, nonlinear and integer problems quickly in ahighly readable form. LINGO’s modeling language allows you toexpress models in a straightforward intuitive manner usingsummations and subscripted variables — much like you would withpencil and paper. Models are easier to build, easier to understand,and, therefore, easier to maintain.

Convenient Data Options
– LINGO takes the time and hassle out of managing your data. Itallows you to build models that pull information directly fromdatabases and spreadsheets. Similarly, LINGO can output solutioninformation right into a database or spreadsheet making it easierfor you to generate reports in the application of your choice.

Powerful Solvers
– LINGO is available with a comprehensive set of fast, built-insolvers for Linear, Nonlinear (convex & nonconvex/Global),Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, Second Order Cone,Stochastic, and Integer optimization. You never have to specify orload a separate solver, because LINGO reads your formulation andautomatically selects the appropriate one.

Model Interactively or Create Turn-keyApplications
– You can build and solve models within LINGO, or you can callLINGO directly from an application you have written. For developingmodels interactively, LINGO provides a complete modelingenvironment to build, solve, and analyze your models. For buildingturn-key solutions, LINGO comes with callable DLL and OLEinterfaces that can be called from user written applications. LINGOcan also be called directly from an Excel macro or databaseapplication.

Extensive Documentation and Help
– LINGO provides all of the tools you will need to get up andrunning quickly. You get the LINGO User Manual (in printed form andavailable via the online Help), which fully describes the commandsand features of the program. Also included with super versions andlarger is a copy of Optimization Modeling with LINGO, acomprehensive modeling text discussing all major classes of linear,integer and nonlinear optimization problems. LINGO also comes withdozens of real-world based examples for you to modify andexpand.

Installer Size: 22.06 MB

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