Mon. Jul 26th, 2021
LiDAR Compressor v1.1.1.2802 Crack


Software Description: LiDAR Compressor v1.1.1.2802 + Full Crack

Point cloud data goes from staggering to manageable when LiDARfiles are compressed to the MrSID format with LiDARCompressor.

Nothing to Lose
Numerically lossless compression means you can reduce LiDAR filesizes by 75 percent or more while retaining the precision andaccuracy of your raw data.

A GIS Standard
The MrSID format is supported in virtually all GIS applications andhas been trusted by geospatial professionals for years. The newestgeneration of MrSID, MG4, is already supported in LiDAR Analyst,MARS, ArcGIS 3D Analyst and others.

Reduce LiDAR files to 75 percent of their original size using tehmost advanced compression technology available.

The application is easy to use and the workflow is straightforward.Load your files, preview and encode. You can be compressing datafrom LAS and text files in just a few minutes.

Don’t waste any of your valuable data! LiDAR Compressor allows youto take delivery of your entire point cloud, rather than just DEMsor contours. Use your compressed file to create your ownderivatives.

Installer Size: ~
380 MB

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