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LAN Exam Maker v2.13 Crack


Software Description: LAN Exam Maker v2.13 Keygen Crack

Easily create LAN quizzes, secure tests, exams and assessmentsfor students or employees with powerful data analysis. Generatorthe statistic information about exams, questions, groups, students,and etc. Receive detailed reports and statistics for your quizzesto analyze the performance of your learners.

Random select questions from questions bank
You can setting the exams load randomly questions out of thequestions bank in preset categories. This feature makes eachstudent have different questions, even the student take the exammore than one time.

Import questions from Excel file
You can easily import your exists questions to LAN Exam Maker, youcan download a Excel import template file, and fill in thequestions data, and then import it, this may import more than 1000questions in few minutes.

Comprehensive customize
You can freely custom your exams, like brand logo, theme, limitexam time, pass scores and etc. We have provide you more than 30options for you to fulfill your business or education.

Comprehensive customize Featured StatisticInformation
LAN Exam Maker with full featured statistic information, likeaverage score, highest score, lowest score, and the scoredistributions, all these data you can access it easily just byclick the exam title at the exams manage page.

Support question and exam category
You can add a category to your exams, questions, with which tomanage your data. It is very convenient to manage by group data toa category

Add picture, video to questions
With LanExamMaker, you can add some picture, video to yourquestions. A question with a image or video may helps students knowmore about your asking for Select randomized questions to your examYou have many questions in your questions bank, you can now selectrandomized questions to your exam. Select randomized questions toyour exam Students
self registered to a group
LanExamMaker support student self register to a group, afterregistration, student can login and do the exam, manage the takenresult, and view the questions have done right or wrong.

Import students from excel files
LanExamMaker support import your students from excel files, theseis very useful if your have got more than 10 students. You canimport students to a group Import students from excel files Addgroup for students You can administrate your students by group, youcan also create a exam just for a group or some group, in which thestudents can do the exam.

View the taken records of students
You can view the taken records of students, look at the details,which question he or she did wrong, did right, which choice didchoose View the taken records of students
The score distribution map of students By the score distributionmap, you can know the trend of the student’s study, and tells thatthe student is trying to study hard or not, whether you should givea more eye at the student

Display Your logo or company name on the exams
With LanExamMaker, you can make the exam fits your brand. You canuse your brand name or brand logo to display on the exam pageDisplay Your logo or company name on the exams

Custom theme of exam
You can customize the looks like of your exam. We have more thanfour kinds of themes already fro you Random question display orderDisplay questions in random order, this makes each of student doingthe different question at the same time, utmost to prevent studentscheating Random question display order

Support more than 200 students do exams at the sametime
We have skilled team, made LAN Exam Maker have the ability tosupport more than 200 students do exams at the same time, supportyour business. LAN Exam Maker have big performance and reliablestability.

Generator the QR code of the exam
LanExamMaker supports doing the exam on mobile devices, the mostuseful thing of doing exam on the phone is we want a QR code of theexam for we can simply scan it.
Generator the QR code of the exam

Installer Size: 46.70 MB

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