Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
Autodesk Helius PFA 2017 x64 Crack


Software Description: Autodesk Helius PFA 2017 x64 Crack

Helius PFA is an add-on for commercial FEAprograms that is designed to improve accuracy, efficiency andconvergence in structural analysis of composite materials. At itscore, Helius PFA provides an efficient multiscale simulation thatdetermines failure at the constituent level while also predictingstructural, composite-level response.

Multiple failure criteria are available to enable users to viewdamage effects at the fiber and matrix level and identify multiplemodes of failure including delamination. A composite-specificmaterial degradation method has been applied to handle thenonlinear, progressive failure of composites while improvingsolution convergence and simulation runtime. Helius PFA supportsmultiple analysis conditions, including explicit and fatigueloading and supports multiple material types including chopped andcontinuous fibers, unidirectional lamina and various woven fabrics.Helius’s Advanced Material Exchange enables structural simulationof the as-manufactured condition of fiber filled plastic partsthrough import of fiber orientation data from AutodeskMoldflow.

Installer Size: 1311 MB

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