Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
Altair FluxMotor v2018.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Altair FluxMotor v2018.0 x64 Crack Patch

FluxMotor is a flexible standalone softwaretool focusing on the pre-design of electric rotating machines. Itenables the user to design and create motors from standard orcustomized parts, as well as to intuitively add windings andmaterials to run a selection of tests and compare machinebehavior.

High productivity gain
– Automatically driven workflow offering an efficient user-orientedenvironment to different level of users
– Facilitated project management, allow a quick access to paststudies and to manage the full range of products
– Creating a model of an electric motor and evaluating itstechnical-economic potential within a few minutes

No compromise on accuracy
– Based on optimization technology, FluxMotor helps reducecomputing time to the minimum, while maintaining accurateresults
– Computing methods wisely using the high power of finite elementmodeling
– Settings adapted to the task levels of accuracy vs. rapidity

Connection for advanced studies
– Easy project export to Flux to perform advanced studies likeeccentricity, vibro-acoustic, etc.
– At any time, the full parameterized Flux project, with all thephysical properties embedded, is ready to be solved in Fluxenvironment

Installer Size: 1100 MB

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