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VBto Converter v2.57 Crack


Software Description: VBto Converter v2.57 + Full Crack

VBto Converter provides software developerswith a fancy tool to turn their Microsoft Visual Basic projects(source code included) into source and resource files for a vastarray of programming languages used in various applications such asMicrosoft Visual C++ MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library),Visual C++ .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime), Visual Basic .NET,C#, J#, Borland C++ Builder or Borland Delphi.
This particular program makes the conversion job a breeze by takingyour Microsoft Visual Basic FRM (Form file), FRX (Binary formfile), CLS (Class module), BAS (Basic module), CTL (User controlfile), CTX (User control binary file) or VBP (Visual basic Project)files and performing all the necessary tasks to adjust them to theoutput format.

VBto Converter’s interface is as simple as it gets,well-organized as well as intuitive and easy-to-use. You start bycreating a source file list and then choosing one of the availableoutput options. The VB .NET tab section holds a set of options likeversion selection as well as conversion as array with events or astraditional way. The other output formats feature the samestructure, thus a bit of knowledge will surely get you through theprocess with enhanced ease.

With VBto Converter, you can easily convert your Visual Basic filesin no time to VB, CS, JSL, H, RESX, CPP, DFM or PAS and yourproject files to VBPROJ, CSPROJ, VJPROJ, VCPROJ, DSP, BPR or DPR.The plethora of output file formats alongside the speed ofexecution and the accuracy level makes VBto Converter one truecontender to the best tool of its category.

Software for converting Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 project(including source code) to resource and source files MS VC++ MFC,VC++.NET (CLR), VBNET, C#, J#, Borland C++ Builder, BorlandDelphi.

– VB to MS VC++
– VB to MS VC .NET
– VB to MS C# .NET
– VB to Visual J#
– VB to C++ Builder
– VB to Borland Delphi
– Support (to .NET only) VB6 UserControls (CTL files).
– Support VS 2010, Delphi 2010.
– Support FileSystemObject.
– Support VB.Data (VB.NET, C#, C++Builder, Delphi).
– The utility of decompiling VB5/VB6 of programs is added. Theutility extract forms, but does not decompile an initial VB6 code(in the current version VBto Converter).

Installer Size: 8.86 MB

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