Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
Toad Data Modeler v5.5.3.20 Crack


Software Description: Toad Data Modeler v5.5.3.20 Crack Patch

Toad Data Modeler helps you create high-qualitydata models. This data modeling tool enables you to easily deployaccurate changes to data structures across more than 20 differentplatforms.
This cross-platform database modeling software offers the followingfunctionality: Enables you to build high-quality logical andphysical data models, Allows you to compare models and thensynchronize them, Makes generating complex SQL/DDL fast and easy,Permits you to create and modify scripts, Enables you to reverseand forward engineer both databases and data warehouse systems.

Here are some key features of “Toad DataModeler”:
– Enables you to connect multiple databases natively andsimultaneously; these include Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server,PostreSQL, DB2, Ingres, MS Access and more
– Helps you create quality database structures in addition toproviding documentation on multiple platforms
– Enables you to generate new database structures or make changesto existing models automatically
– Allows you to build complex entity relationship models (logicaland physical)
– Lets you easily reverse and forward engineer databases
– Permits importing of models from SQL scripts
– Allows you to migrate structures across database platforms
– Provides you with detailed reports on existing databasestructures
– Enables you to add logical data to your diagrams to customizemodels
– Facilitates synchronization of a model with your existingdatabase using “ALTER” script generation (Oracle and SQL Server)and model merge features
– Allows you to view relationships and work with attributes andcolumns from linked entities and tables
– Enables quick and easy data access by allowing you to createproject folders to store models, business requirements,specifications and other files

Installer Size: 76.30 MB

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