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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 SP1 Professional + Enterprise Architect + MSDN Library January 2006 Crack


Software Description: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 SP1 Professional + Enterprise Architect + MSDN Library January 2006 Crack Serial

Visual Studio .NET is the tool for rapidlybuilding enterprise-scale ASP.NET Web applications and highperformance desktop applications. Visual Studio includescomponent-based development tools, such as Visual C#, Visual J#,Visual Basic, and Visual C++, as well as a number of additionaltechnologies to simplify team-based design, development, anddeployment of your solutions.

Start Page
The Start Page has been re-designed for this release. You can stillset your user preferences for IDE behavior and access new orexisting projects, but with a user interface designed to be easierto navigate. Both the My Profile and Project sections now havetheir own tabs. The Online Resources tab now contains usefulMicrosoft related online developer resources.

Solution Explorer
A new option, Track Active Item in Solution Explorer, has beenadded to the Projects and Solutions, Environment, Options DialogBox. When this option is selected, Solution Explorer automaticallyopens the folder for the active item, scrolls to its node, andselects its name. The selected item changes as you work withdifferent files within a project or solution, or differentcomponents within an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)designer. When this option is cleared, the selection in SolutionExplorer does not change automatically. This option is enabled bydefault, but it is cleared when you choose the “Visual C++Developer” or “Visual C# Developer” profile on the My Profile tabof the Visual Studio Start Page.

Options and Settings
You can copy certain Options dialog box settings from a previousversion of Visual Studio .NET to a more recent version. If you havetwo different versions of the program installed on the samemachine, the first time you launch the newer version of the VisualStudio .NET, a dialog box appears giving you the choice to migrateyour existing setting.

Web References
The Start Browsing for XML Web Services pane in the Add WebReference Dialog Box now provides Web links to both local andInternet sources of available Web services. Use this pane to locatethe desired Web service, then enter a Web reference name to use inyour code, and select Add Reference. The new reference will appearin Solution Explorer under the Web References node for the activeproject.

A new option, Only build startup projects and dependencies on Run,has been added to the Projects and Solutions, Environment, OptionsDialog Box, under Build and Run Options. When this option isselected, pressing F5 or choosing the Start or Build command fromthe Debug or Run menu only builds the startup project and itsdependencies. When this option is cleared, pressing F5 builds allprojects, dependencies, and solution files. This option is clearedby default, but it is enabled when you choose the “Visual C++Developer” and the ” Visual C# Developer” profile on the My Profiletab of the Visual Studio Start Page.

The Visual Studio .NET 2003 debugger has been enhanced by theaddition of several new features:
– Security enhancements, including a new restriction that limitsJust-In-Time Debugging to the local machine.
– Remote debugging using pipes, a new, more secure alternative toTCP/IP debugging.
– SOS, a powerful tool for debugging from the Command window.
– Support for automatically downloading of debug symbols from asymbol server.
– Improved error messages, especially for errors that occur whiledebugging web applications.

Support for Multiple Versions of the .NETFramework
You can create installers that target a specific version of the.NET Framework using a launch condition that checks for the correctversion and redirects the user to a Web location to download ifnecessary.

Automation Object Model
Visual C++ .NET 2003 features five new property pages for VisualC++ projects:
– Managed Resources
– XML Data Generator Tool
– Managed Wrapper
– Auxiliary Managed Wrapper
– Primary Interop

Installer Size: 2181 + 2201 + 170 + 1792 MB

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