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Luxand FaceSDK v6.4.0 Crack


Software Description: Luxand FaceSDK v6.3.1 Crack

Detect and Recognize Faces with Luxand FaceSDK.FaceSDK enables Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Objective C, VB, Java andDelphi developers to build 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Web,Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android with face recognition andface-based biometric identification functionality.

FaceSDK is used in hundreds of applications for identifying andauthenticating users with webcams, looking up matching faces inphoto databases, automatically detecting facial features in graphiceditors, and detecting faces on still images and video streams inreal-time. FaceSDK has been used for building secureidentification, surveillance, time and attendance controlsystems.

Detect Human Faces and Facial Features
Luxand’s patent pending technology detects facial features quicklyand reliably. The SDK processes an image, detects human faceswithin it, and returns the coordinates of 70 facial feature pointsincluding eyes, eye contours, eyebrows, lip contours, nose tip, andso on.

Immerse Yourself in Augmented Reality
Powered with sophisticated facial feature detection, Mirror Realitytechnology augments reality by altering a person’s appearance.Still pictures of human faces can be completely transformed, andvideo streams automatically change into enhanced reality.

Create 3D Head Models
Developing morphing, animation, or 3D software? Create a perfect’skin’ or a 3D head model automatically! The SDK can detect humanfaces and return the coordinates of facial features, making it easyto match facial features in the photograph with correspondingfeatures on the 3D head.

Make Animated 3D Avatars CompletelyAutomatically
Make a perfect ‘talking head’ avatar for your online applicationswith a single photograph of a human face. Current generations of 3Dhead modeling software require manual selection of major facialfeatures such as eyes, nose, and mouth to match them against thesame features on the 3D head model. The manual intervention isrequired to create realistic 3D heads, and is an absolute must ifyou want animation.

The SDK automates the task, allowing you to make new avatars on thefly. Imagine letting your customers upload their pictures andimmediately receive their animated avatars! The SDK recognizes theface in a photograph and returns the coordinates of facial featuresin a list of anchor points. Your software can easily match facialfeatures such as eyes, mouth, nose, and ears to the points on your3D head model, creating a head that looks and moves like theoriginal.

The SDK is implemented as a highly compatible library that workswith all 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux, with 64-bitMacintosh, iOS 5.0+(armv7/x86), iOS 7.0+(arm64/x86_64) and Android,and supports many popular development environments. MicrosoftVisual C++, .C#, VB.NET, Netbeans (Java), Xcode (iOS), Eclipse ADT(Android), Android Studio (Android) and Borland Delphi users getall necessary header files, making it easy to integrate with new orexisting projects.

Installer Size: 252.41 MB

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