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JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2018.1.2 Crack


Software Description: JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.3.5 Build 173.4674 + Crack

IntelliJ IDEA is a reliable software solutionfocused on developers’ productivity and efficiency. It provides youwith a comprehensive set of tools and integrations with the mostmodern technologies and frameworks including Java, Scala, Groovy orother programming languages.

Since it is developed as a straightforward Java IDE, IntelliJIDEA does provide support for web, enterprise and mobile frameworksand code assistance for all supported languages and frameworks.

Irrespective of which programming language you choose to developmobile applications with, be it .NET, C++ or C#, IntelliJ IDEAcomes with useful tools including UML Designer, SQL Editor or BugTracker Integration that make the development more productive.

The main window is user-friendly and displays by default thenavigation toolbar and the ‘Project view’ section that allows youto view all the available files. Since the application does notinclude other perspectives like other IDEs do (for exampleEclipse), you don’t need to switch between different workspacelayouts to perform various tasks. It brings up the correspondingtools automatically and the actions stay the same all the time.

The Project section that can be accessed from the left panel of theapplication displays all the available components and librariesthat help you develop various apps. However, since some files aregenerated automatically such as modules.xml or compiler.xml, youmust be aware that by deleting them, the application won’t be ableto run your scripts properly.

The ‘Code completion’ feature that is used mostly by eachdevelopment platform (for example Visual Studio or Eclipse) offerstrivial suggestions for variables, types, methods, expressions etc.IntelliJ IDEA analyzes the context and suggests the best completionoptions, with no additional action from you. It supports variouslanguages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby or Python.

Additionally to Code completion, IntelliJ IDEA provides SmartCompletion as well. While the first option helps you to completenames of classes and variables, the latter option suggests onlythose types that are expected in the current context.

After writing your scripts, you can navigate to the ‘Code’ menu andperform various changes such as optimizing imports, implementingseveral methods and overriding them. Then, you are able to analyzedependencies by selecting the analysis scope.

To wrap it up, IntelliJ IDEA is a steady and practical solutionworth having when you need to develop mobile and web platformsusing intuitive editors for various programming languages such asLESS, TypeScript or CoffeScript.

Installer Size: 527 MB

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