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InstallAware Studio Admin X7 v24.0.0.2018 Crack


Software Description: InstallAware Studio Admin X3 v20.11 + Crack

InstallAware Studio Admin is the premiersoftware installation solution for Windows Installer that providesyou with true Windows Installer rapid development productivity.

Top 10 Features:
Hybrid Installation Technology with InstantInstallAcceleration
InstallAware ships with a Native Code Setup Engine, a faster andreliable alternative to Windows Installer. Unlike WindowsInstaller, the Native Engine works in Windows Safe Mode. HybridInstallation Technology lets you switch between both engines atruntime, so you have the power of both engines in your hands at alltimes! The Native Engine with InstantInstall Acceleration bringsyou Windows Installers faster by an order of magnitude.

MSI Customization without Complexity
InstallAware setups don’t have to install any dependencies orscripting runtimes. Still, you can completely customize your setupeven if you’re unfamiliar with Windows Installer.

Free Unlimited Triple-Mode Web Updates
Deploy an unlimited number of royalty-free application updates toyour end-users. Plus, its possible to customize the update userexperience – freely edit update dialogs, and tweak the updatelogic. Choose scheduled updates, or manual on-demand updatechecking, or automatic updates to guarantee that the latest versionof your application always gets run and/or installed. Also idealfor building dynamically updated Software Bundles with yourproduct.

Out-of-the-Box Windows 10 Support
From displaying installation progress on the Windows Taskbar, topinning them to the new Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles,InstallAware gives you the best exposure for your applicationsthrough smart use of the latest technology. Now with Windows 10,Visual Studio 2015, and .NET Framework 4.6 eco-systemintegration.

Aero Glass with Fading/Sliding Wizard Transition SpecialEffects
InstallAware is the first and only installer to ship with an AeroWizard compliant user interface. Jump light years ahead of yourcompetition – and remember that because nothing is hard-coded inInstallAware, you may easily create your custom Aero Glass userexperiences! Now with fading/sliding wizard transition specialeffects to impress your app-savvy end-users.

Industry’s Fastest Setup Capture
Use direct, driverless capture technology proprietary toInstallAware and eliminate the need for clean machine captures.Create and save multiple system snapshots and compare any arbitrarytwo – including those sourced from different hardware andunderlying operating systems. Enjoy absolutely the fastest snapshotcomparison and capture speeds in the industry.

Bundle Other Installations
InstallAware contains features that let you run third-partyinstallers as an integral part of your main setup, capturingprogress feedback, and letting you customize the third-partyinstallations on-the-fly.

Best End User Experience with Wizard Transition SpecialEffects
Impress your users while installing with interactive Flashpresentations and HTML billboards. Choose from any of the stunning17 pre-built setup themes. Now with the industry’s first-and-onlyfading/sliding wizard transition special effects, built to impressyour app-savvy end-users.

Industry’s Best Compression, with 64-bit CompressionEngine
Create the smallest possible packages using advanced LZMA/BCJ2compression. This compression is so powerful, it reduces the .NETFramework to less than half its already compressed size.Compression is also spread across multiple CPU cores to linearlyimprove build speeds, and the new 64-bit compression engine handilydefeats Microsoft’s own runtime sizes.

Single Click Install for .NET 4.6, SQL Server 2014 SP1,VC++ 14 Runtimes
Install a wide variety of runtimes and third party dependencies,including the .NET Framework 4.6, Internet Explorer 11, the JavaVirtual Machine, SQL Server Express 2014 SP1, Crystal ReportsRuntime, in all their 32/64 bit versions.

Installer Size: 4690 MB

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