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Hex Workshop Hex Editor v6.7.0.5247 Crack


Software Description: Hex Workshop Hex Editor v6.7.0.5247 Cracked

Hex Workshop is a hexadecimal editor thatenables you to edit data from a lot of binary files. The beginnerwill notice that the interface looks very much like a text editorwith some advanced features. It allows you to open a file and viewthe raw data it’s made of (hexadecimal). It is very simple to finda text string or a hex value and to cut, copy, paste or edit thecontent of the file.

To mark important parts of the code the program allows you toadd color maps that will change the color of the text and thebackground. The application allows you to navigate through the databy jumping to a file or sector location and if you want to review apart of the file you can save it as a bookmark.

The user can edit the data by performing basic logical andarithmetic operations or applying functions and conditionalstatements. The program includes the most common conditionalstatements such as IF, IF ELSE clauses and the SWITCH statement. Toview the data information you can use the data inspector thatdisplays the properties of a selected element. The Compare Toolallows you to compare two files and find the differences. Theadvanced user can take advantage of the Resynchronizing Comparethat will provide detailed information about the data pieces thathave been deleted or inserted.

Hex Workshop features tools designed for the advanced users such asthe expression calculator that supports variables, conditionals,iteration and arithmetic operations or the Base Converter that willallow you to quickly convert data between, decimal hexadecimal orbinary.

The program’s interface can be customized with specific color codesfor the text or the background and you can use the preset toolbarsto quickly access the commands that you use frequently. The mainwindow is able to view multiple files either in a tabbed work areaor by tiling the windows. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcutsthe application allows you to define one for almost every commandor menu item.

All of the features included in this software recommend it as soliddevelopment tool for programmers that work on a Windowsplatform.

Here are some key features of “Hex Workshop”:
–  Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert, Fill, and Delete Hex.
–  Multilevel Undo and Redo
–  ASCII, DOS, EBCDIC, Macintosh, Window, Unicode or customcharacter set filters.
–  Highlight hex/text sequences using Color Maps
–  View modified bytes in a unique color
–  Select by offset/length, Select All
–  Paste Special (any format on the clipboard)
–  Insert File a file or replace selection with the contextsof a File
–  Drag and drop files onto Hex Workshop for quick editing
–  Select “Hex Edit” from windows Right-Click context menus toview/edit files
–  Context sensitive online help
–  Color maps help visually pick out hex strings
–  View character distributions of your document
–  Hex values can be grouped by byte, word, long, quad, or 16bytes
–  Specify the bytes per line (1-64) or let Hex Workshop fitto window
–  User-definable font and character mapping
–  User-definable colors for the offset, odd columns, evencolumn, hex area background, text area background, modified bytes,separator lines, find all instances, highlighted structures,highlighted bookmarks, and compare results.
–  Specify significant digits for floating porint/doublerendering
–  User-definable short-cut keys
–  Enable/Disable warnings and notification message
–  Workbook mode allows you to switch between open documentsquickly
–  Sector edit paritions or physical disks
–  Copy sectors between disks and partitions
–  Save Sector Ranges to a file
–  Restore Sector Range from a file
–  Checksum Generation
–  Data Inspector
–  Base Converter
–  Hex Calculator

Installer Size: 18.3 MB

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