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EhLib v9.1.030 Crack


Software Description: EhLib v9.1.030 Keygen Serial

EhLib. The Library contains components andclasses for Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder. The Library isintended to write professional interactive applications that workwith the database: rendering, printing and entering data by the enduser.

Here are some key features of “EhLib”:
– A set of powerful visual and non-visual component for developmentof professional database applications.
– Maximum of enclosed functional during the work with tabulardata.
– The central component of library is TDBGridEh. This grid providesa huge number of features for displaying database tables andin-memory tables with opportunity to print and to export in allpopular formats.
– Besides the library EhLib involves a set of editors of individualvalues to edit text values, numerical values, Date/Time values,values for selecting out of drop-down lists and checkboxes. Allediting controls are universal are universal in terms of workingwith DataSet data, which means that you can connect them to theDataSet field or work with it like not connected with data.
– In addition the library EhLib contains a set of non-visualcomponents for keeping in-memory tables (MemoryDataSet) andcomponent for keeping SQL expressions for request and data updatingin the database.
– The library also contains components that realize technology tostore component properties to/from settings storage such as inifiles, registry.
– Time saving – EhLib allows to adjust data display in an easy wayfor user without writing a single line of code.
– Speed – all components of the library pass the optimization stageof processing speed and data display. That is why programs that usethe library are fast and give an impression of lightness and fastresponse to requests.
– Easy debug final product – Written in Delphi language EhLib is100% native VCL library. It gives you an opportunity when you workuniformly debugging applications.
– Fast and intuitive exploration – While developing the library weused the rules and principles of standard VCL component work. ThusEhLib is so easy to get used to for a professional and for anewbie.
– Self-descriptiveness – The library contains lots of examples,instruction for users and help-files.
– Contentment of end users – User will thank you as he will receivean easy and beautiful interface with impressive features ofinformation processing.

Installer Size: 22.89 MB

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