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Aqua Data Studio v18.5.0.7 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Aqua Data Studio v18.0.14 x86/x64 Crack Serial

Aqua Data Studio is productivity software forDatabase Developers, DBAs, and Analysts. It allows you to develop,access, manage, and visually analyze data. Whether you are workingwith relational, nosql or cloud databases, your data is easily andquickly accessible with Aqua Data Studio. It supports all majordatabase vendors, works on all major operating systems. Aqua DataStudio’s Visual Analytics allows you to analyze data with aneasy-to-use drag & drop interface. You can pull query resultsinto worksheets to create beautiful visualizations of your data,you can create dashboards by dragging in visualizations from manyworksheets and you can save and share them in workbooks withcolleagues and customers allowing them to easily navigate andinteract with your data.

Database IDE
Aqua Data Studio is a modern IDE with a workspace environment. ADocking & Windowing framework allows tabbed documents for querywindows, which can be grouped or floated for flexibility. Easilymanage and navigate all of your open query windows and files.

Visual Analytics
Create beautiful visualizations and dashboards of your data toexplore or share with others. Identify patterns and trends to findopportunities for further analysis. Giving you the ability toimprove business decisions, limit risk and solve difficultproblems.

Query & Analysis Tool
An advanced Query Analyzer allows you to connect to any databaseserver and execute SQL Queries. SQL formatter, syntax coloring, andautocomplete features save you time in writing SQL statements.Query results can be viewed in text, grid, pivot or form views withquick filtering and export functionality. SQL History allows you toquickly retrieve any previous queries without losing them.

Table Data Editor
Aqua Data Studio provides a Table Data Editor that allows you toedit the result-set of an executed query on a table using aconvenient graphical interface. This makes it easy to alter dataand add or delete rows using an editable, Excel-like grid.

Visual Query Builder
The Visual Query Builder lets you select database tables directlyfrom the GUI, and then specify columns to retrieve, joins, sortingoptions, filtering criteria and other query parameters in a gridformat. Along with selecting tables and adding query parameters,the Visual Query Builder will generate a complete SQL statementthat can be viewed, copied and executed from the Visual QueryBuilder dialog window.

Import & Export Tools
The Import and Export tools allow data of different formats to beimported and exported to and from databases, tables, objects andfiles.

SQL Debuggers
Debuggers for Oracle, Sybase ASE, DB2 LUW, and SQL Server allow fortracing and debugging stored procedures to identity any developmentor production issues.

Database Object Navigator and Visual Editing
Browse database objects and visually edit them with a few simpleclicks. Create, Alter and Delete without having to write a line ofcode.

Scripting & Open APIs
A scripting development environment with a set of Open APIs allowsyou to develop and debug scripts to automate your database tasksusing the full set of functionality of the product.

SSH Terminal
Register and connect to as many SSH servers as you need and runcommands in a tabbed window GUI. For added security it also has aKey Generator and Key passphrase Agent.

Installer Size: 460 + 464 MB

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