Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
ApexSQL Recover v2016.02.1166 Crack


Software Description: ApexSQL Recover v2016.02.1166 + Crack

Every large corporation that needs to handle significantquantities of info and resource, keep them organized in a databasefor quick access. However, there are various operations that cantrigger errors or outside events that corrupt data. Luckily, withthe help of applications such as ApexSQL Recoveryou can rest assured that whatever happens to your SQL database,there’s a solution to get info back.
ApexSQL Recover #1 in SQL data recovery. Recover deleted, dropped,or lost data. Recover deleted, dropped and truncated data. Reverseinadvertent or malicious database changes. Extract data directlyfrom backup files. Recover deleted data and files from SharePoint.Recover deleted BLOBsExtract BLOBs stored as files.

Detailed filtering
Specify the timeframe in which your data or objects were lost

Support for multiple data source types
Recover from live databases and transaction logs, detacheddatabases and transaction log files as well as native or compressedtransaction log and database backups

Table schema restore
Recover dropped table structures

Selective restore
Specify the data and objects that will be recovered

Smart resource management
Select the optimal recovery method for best performance

Compressed backup support
Use natively compressed transaction logs and database backups asdata sources

Lost data recovery
Recover data lost due to a DELETE, TRUNCATE, or DROP TABLEoperation

Direct-to-database recovery
Recover data directly to a database. Recover lost tables directlyto a database. Including tables containing calculated columns ortables with missing schema and user defined data typedefinition

BLOB recovery and extraction
Recover deleted BLOBs and extract BLOBs as data files. Ideal forSharePoint recoveries

Installer Size: 45 MB

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