Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
Stardock WindowFX v6.03 x64 Crack


Software Description: Stardock WindowFX v6.03 x64 Keygen Crack

Revolutionize your operating system withWindowFX. Utilize an unprecedented number ofspecial effects for your windows and maximize your computingexperience.

The main function of WindowFX are:
– Control your windows with custom resizing
– Modify your windows animation and movement
– Regain focus of what is really important

Due to this application, you will be able to add a widerange of special effects to windows, such as:
– True, alpha blended shadows under windows
– A set of minimize and maximize transition effects
– A set of window dragging effects
– A set of window opening and closing animations
– Graphical task switching
– Taskbar previews
– Window tiles
– Popup task switching
– Ability to have large icons on the desktop while having normalsized icons everywhere else
– Wide range of semi-transparency options such as making windows,the start bar, menus, and more semi-transparent
– Various special effects for Windows desktop icons and theirlabels
– A set of special effects for menus when opened and closed
– User defined size for windows to maximize to.

Here are some key features of “WindowFX”:
Screen Resizing:
– Enjoy time-saving window management features such as screenborder resizing and window border maximizing.

Advanced Controls:
– Get more from the right-click menu with advanced controls.

Apply custom animations:
– Pick different animated effects for windows when they open,close, minimize and restore. (Requires Windows 7 or Vista with theDWM enabled)

Add more to your movements:
– Add Windows Flick actions to movements, fade windows when movingand add momentum so you can throw windows around on yourmonitor.

Remain focused on the task at hand:
– Make the active window stand out, make inactive windows fade awayand automatically minimize background windows.

Don’t lose your videos:
– On a multiple-monitor systems, keep Flash videos fullscreen whenyou use apps on other monitors. Don’t let your video close simplybecause you’re working on your other monitor.

Installer Size: 17.7 MB

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