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Actual Transparent Window v8.12 Crack


Software Description: Actual Transparent Window v8.12 + Full Crack

Actual Transparent Window is an innovativeWindows® desktop enhancement which allows setting any level oftransparency for any particular window in the system.With ActualTransparent Window it is very easy to organize the simultaneouslyopened windows. It is a truly new approach to desktop spaceorganization. Now you do not have to minimize and restore windowsevery time. Along with common techniques of switching betweenwindows Actual Transparent Window offers the depth-based windowordering thanks to a fully customizable transparency levels thatare saved individually for each window. When a brilliant idea iscombined with a good realization, the results are outstanding!

Actual Transparent Window is intended for a broad range ofWindows® users who value their time and long for an aestheticpleasure of modern computing. Windows® is multifunctional, andsometimes we work with several different applications. While typingsomething in Microsoft Word you need, for example, to follow someinformation in your Internet browser. Push Win+T (toggletransparency), and the desired window becomes transparent, and youwill solve your task easily. Besides, usage of semi-transparentwindows reduces the negative effect on your eyes!

Just some features of Actual Transparent Window for you to besure:

Individual transparency rate:
Actual Transparent Window lets you set individual transparency ratefor each window. You can change transparency from 0% (solid) to100% (fully transparent) to achieve the desired effect.

Inactive window transparency:
Actual Transparent Window has option to set transparency only whenwindow becomes inactive. And when you activate this window itbecomes non-transparent again. This option may be especially usefulfor your instant messenger (ICQ, Windows Messenger, Yahoo!Messenger or any other).

Ghost mode:
You can also activate the ghost mode. In this case all mouse clicksand moves to be made through the transparent window to underlyingwindows.

Apply transparency effect while window is moved or is resized:
Apply transparency effect only when you move/drag or resize thewindow across the desktop. Note that this does not affect yourtransparency setting for windows while they are not being moved orresized.

Toggle transparencyopaque window state by double click on titlebar:
To toggle a window from transparent to opaque, double-click thetitle bar. To toggle a window from opaque to transparent,double-click the title bar again.

“Make Transparent” Make Transparent button button:
The new “Make Transparent” button is may be added to a window titlebar. Now you can switch the semi-transparency on/off just bypressing it.

Installer Size: 9.75 MB

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