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Technodigit 3DReshaper v17.1.11.25190 x64 Crack


Software Description: Technodigit 3DReshaper v17.1.11.25190 x64 Crack

3DReshaper is the easy-to-use and versatilesoftware solution dedicated to processing any type of point cloudsin a wide array of applications. From point cloud to deliverables,from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing,3DReshaper is the complete toolbox to meet your 3D modeling andinspection needs.
3DReshaper is a software dedicated to Point Cloud Processing, 3DMeshing, 3D Inspection, Polylines, CAD Surfaces, etc.

Here are some key features of “3DReshaper”:
– Work on your Point Clouds (manual and automatic filters, merge,color, etc.)
– Create and Improve 3D Meshes (smoothing, holes filling, bordersimprovement, etc.)
– Measure, Inspect and Compare your data
– Texture your 3D meshes
– Create and Improve Sections and Polylines
– A new CloudWorx plugin to load Jetstream or MSView data, createUCS and clipping boxes
– A new command Clipping Box to easily select a region ofinterest
– Import of .dp files coming from DotProduct scanners
– Export to the Sketchfab platform (platform to share 3D data)

ROMER RDS Interface
Manage your portable measuring arm ROMER Absolute directly from3DReshaper Meteor.
Leica T-Scan Interface
Manage your Leica T-Scan directly from 3DReshaper Meteor.
Communicate with Quindos software (from Hexagon ManufacturingIntelligence).
Communicate with Coreview software (from Hexagon ManufacturingIntelligence).
Import, Export and Work on CT data.
Create, improve and export CAD surfaces from your 3D meshes.

Installer Size: 541.35 MB

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