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Simufact Additive v1.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Simufact Additive v1.0.0 + Full Crack

Simufact Additive is a powerful and scalableprocess simulation environment for ‘right first time’ optimizationof laser powder bed fusion processes. Features include simulationof all the key AM process steps starting with ‘printing’ of thepart; followed by heat treatment, cutting the part off the buildplate and removal of support structures, plus heat and pressurecombined processes (HIP). The initial release of Simufact Additivewill predict the final distortion and residual stresses of metal 3Dprinted parts; future functional enhancements will introduceadditional features.

The modelling is carried out using CAD data in an innovative andnewly developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment alignedwith the real process work flow. Simufact Additive offers anintuitive approach which starts with defining the general processby determining the part and support components through todefinition of manufacturing parameters up to the analysis settingsand ultimate results. The software helps to compensate thedistortion, minimize residual stresses and optimize the processparameters.

The concept behind the software is that it lays the foundation fora wide variability and scalability through different levels ofdetails. This includes both a fast mechanical method for theprediction of distortion and residual stresses up to a fullythermo-mechanically coupled transient analysis which will bereleased soon. This will determine the temperature history andderived properties like the microstructure. The properties of thefinal part are available for a subsequent structuralsimulations.

New Graphical User Interface (GUI) concept for AM Modelling
Simufact Additive comes with an intuitive and user-friendly GUI.The flexible GUI concept allows machine and application-specificdialogs aligned with the real process work flow. A meshingcapability is included for the automatic and rapid discretizationof even large and complex structures of any shape. The GUI is laidout to smoothly handle these meshes that can readily reach morethan a million elements.
Collaboration with 3D printing machine supplier
Renishaw plc, a leading manufacturer of advanced metal AM systems,is the first 3D printing machine vendor to collaborate withSimufact in the common goal of an integrated approach. The aim is afully simulation based optimization leading to the best qualitybuild file. Initially, Renishaw’s QuantAM build preparationsoftware will be coupled with Simufact process simulation softwareand enable data exchange, using QuantAM’s open API (applicationprogramming interface). The next step is to automatically set-up asimulation based on the build information and in return to displaythe simulation results in Renishaw’s QuantAM build preparationsoftware. The first results of this collaboration will be publishedand showcased at the major European additive manufacturing show,Formnext 2016, Frankfurt, this November.

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