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Siemens FEMAP v11.3.1 with NX Nastran x64 Crack


Software Description: Siemens FEMAP v11.4.1 with NX Nastran x64 Full Crack

FEMAP is an advanced engineering simulationsoftware program that creates finite element analysis models ofcomplex engineering products and systems, and displays solutionresults. Femap can virtually model components, assemblies orsystems and determine the behavioral response for a given operatingenvironment.

Using FEMAP’s digital simulation capabilities you can:
– Predict and improve product performance and reliability
– Reduce time-consuming and costly physical prototyping andtesting
– Evaluate different designs and materials
– Optimize your designs and reduce material usage

FEMAP is CAD-independent and can access geometry data from allmajor CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, Solid Edge,SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Once imported you can prepare the model foranalysis using the geometry locator to identify and displaypotentially troublesome entities, such as slivers, and eitherremove them completely with the geometry cleanup tools or suppressthem. FEMAP also offers a wealth of geometry creation andmodification functions so you can make necessary model changes inpreparation for finite element model creation.

Finite Element Modeling
The full finite element model with underlying data is fully exposedby FEMAP, allowing you to view, create or modify entities directly.FEMAP’s grouping, layering and visualization tools help you tomanage model display while creating and setting up the finiteelement model.

FEMAP includes specialized capabilities to help with modeling tasksincluding:
– Mid-plane extraction of thin-walled structures to aid creation ofmore efficient and accurate shell models
– Weldment modeling that connects discrete solid welded partstogether into a contiguous model
– Data surfaces that allow you to create complex loading conditionsbased on prior analysis output for multi-physics applications

Finite Element Meshing
FEMAP’s 3D solid and surface meshers are tuned to generatehigh-quality meshes, providing well-shaped elements to ensureaccurate results. FEMAP gives you full control over all meshgeneration parameters including mesh sizing, meshing of smallfeatures, growth factors, short edge suppression, etc. With complexgeometry, modification of the mesh is often required in areas wheregreater accuracy is desired. For this situation FEMAP’s MeshingToolbox allows you to interactively modify mesh sizing parameterson the underlying geometry, and see the mesh update automatically.You can also view element quality feedback live while modifying themesh, to ensure that a high-quality finite element model iscreated.

Assembly Modeling
FEMAP with NX Nastran supports assembly modeling, includingautomatic contact detection that determines the componentsinitially in contact. The contact regions can be set to be simplyin contact (with or without friction) or glued together. Thecontact calculations performed by NX Nastran are iterative andupdate during the solution, to take into account deformationchanges representing the true contact condition in the finalresults.

Other types of component assembly modeling techniques alsosupported include spot-weld, fastener elements, and bolted jointswith optional pre-loading.

Beam Modeling
Besides solid and shell element models FEMAP also supports beammodeling and meshing. This technique allows models comprising long,slender components (for which a solid meshing approach would createa large, unwieldy model) to be represented by one-dimensionalelements with associated properties.

Model visualization is key to beam modeling, and with FEMAP you canview these elements as solid components and include offsets. FEMAPfeatures a section property editor which includes a library ofstandard cross-section shapes. You can also define your ownsections, and the built-in section property calculatorautomatically determines the required properties.

Also available are full beam visualization and results displayoptions including shear and bending moment diagrams.

Composite Modeling
The use of composite materials in designs has increasedsignificantly in recent years, and FEMAP can help you model andpostprocess results on composite structures. With FEMAP’s alaminate editor and viewer, you can update the laminate propertiesinteractively as you create and modify plies in the laminate.

You can also postprocess composite laminate results using FEMAP’sglobal composite ply feature, which allows you to view results oncontinuous plies through the structural model.

Solver Neutral
FEMAP is solver-neutral and provides in-depth pre- andpostprocessing support for all of the main commercial solvers onthe market, including NX Nastran, Ansys, LS-DYNA, Abaqus and TMG.You can take full advantage of the advanced analysis capabilitiesof these solvers using FEMAP’s comprehensive modeling and analysissupport, particularly for dynamic, geometric and materialnonlinear, heat transfer and fluid flow analyses.

A wealth of visualization capabilities help you view and interpretthe results to quickly understand the model behavior. You’ll findeverything you need to view and interpret the output data,including:
– Contour and criteria plots
– Deformed shape animations
– Dynamic cutting plane and iso-surfaces
– Full output selection
– XY plots
– Free body diagrams and grid point force balance output
– Time and frequency domain animations

Complete access to results data is provided through the Data Tablepane, which you can use to gather, sort and control the amount andtype of data that is visible, to compile an analysis report.

Scalable Simulation Solutions
The Velocity Series CAE products offer scalable solutions fordesign engineers in the form of the CAD-embedded Solid EdgeSimulation program, and FEMAP with NX Nastran for CAE analysts.

The FEMAP with NX Nastran product line itself offers solutionscalability, from the more general simulation capabilitiesavailable in the base module to more advanced applicationsincluding dynamics, optimization, advanced nonlinear, rotordynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow in add-on modules.

FEMAP’s open customization capability allows complete access to allFEMAP functions through an OLE/COM object-oriented ApplicationProgramming Interface (API), which employs standard,non-proprietary programming languages. Access to the API is througha development environment within the user interface where you cancreate custom programs that automate workflows and processes, andwhich can interact and exchange data with third-party programs suchas Microsoft® Word and Excel.

FEMAP is an intuitive Windows®-native application. FEMAP’s supportof multiple graphics windows and specialized panes, such as theModel Info Tree and Data Table, allow complete access to the finiteelement model and results data and help promote efficient workflows. You can modify the appearance of the interface to suit yourrequirements, including repositioning panes, modifying the level offunctionality exposed, and complete toolbar and iconcustomization.

Installer Size: 1587 MB

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