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Sib Font Editor v2.23 Crack


Software Description: Sib Font Editor v2.23 Crack Serial

Designing bitmap fonts is a very creative and exciting process.Typographers and graphic designers earn a living by creating fonts,regular users do it as an interesting way to express themselves.Both professionals and beginners need the software that will allowthem to start off right away with high efficiency and reachimpressive results. Sib Font Editor meets theserequirements. It contains all the features necessary to createfully-fledged bitmap fonts.

Rich Functionality
Sib Font Editor supports .fnt and .fon bitmap fonts. It can save afont of one type to another and also can add a font to one more.fon file. With the help of export and import features, you caninsert bitmap images as symbols and save a given symbol into abitmap file. The tool can quickly change font properties, includingname, copyright, symbol width, height, zero level, index of thefirst and the last symbol. You can also view the font’s header atany time.

Simple Controls and Convenient Interface
The creators of Sib Font Editor put a special emphasis on providingusers with a comfortable working experience. The software comeswith a set of drawing tools that will considerably enhance yourdesign abilities. If a symbol includes some geometric figures, youcan swiftly add them to complete a symbol. Copy and pasteoperations along with Undo and Redo functions add more comfort. Theflip effect allows mirroring a symbol both vertically andhorizontally. All the features are carried out with simple mousecontrols, so making a font is a piece of cake!

Boundless Space for Your Flight of Fancy
Sib Font Editor will benefit both professionals and beginners. Withthis software, you will easily and quickly put your ideas intopractice. It is designed to let your imagination develop freelywhile you make fonts. You’ll be able to create most sophisticatedbitmap fonts smoothly and easily. Enjoy the intuitive controls, avariety of features and be productive!

Here are some key features of “Sib FontEditor”:
– Creating and editing .fnt and .fon bitmap fonts
– Quick export and import of particular font symbols
– Changing font properties whatever you like

Installer Size: 5.25 MB

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