Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
PumpLinx v4.0.3 x64 Crack


Software Description: PumpLinx v4.0.3 x64 + Full Crack

PumpLinx is a 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) tool that provides accurate virtual testing for the analysisand performance prediction of fluid pumps, motors, compressors,turbines, valves, and complete fluid systems with rotating/slidingcomponents. For liquid systems, PumpLinx’s proprietary CavitationModule accurately models vapor, free gas and liquid compressibilityto enable the analysis of performance, pressure ripple, andcavitation damage.

– Comprehensivephysics
Flow, Turbulence, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Aeration, Cavitation,Particles

– Accurate predictions
Excellent correlation with test data over the full operatingrange

– Fast model creation, even faster simulationspeed
Less than an hour from CAD to Simulation, < 15 min. forsteady-state results

– Able to model complex details down to the microscale
Accurately model leakage gaps, tip clearances, balance holes,etc.

PumpLinx is built on Simerics MP’s baseline technology to provide atransient 3-D simulation software uniquely suited for the analysisand design of pumps and other fluid devices with rotating orsliding components.

– Accurate Results:
    PumpLinx consistently provides simulationpredictions that are within 5% of physical hardware test resultsover the full operating range.

– Superior Cavitation/Aeration Module:
    PumpLinx rigorously and independently accountsfor the formation, transport, and effects of non-condensable gases(e.g. air) and cavitation vapor, as opposed to using a lumpedeffective compressibility approach.

– Fast Calculation Times:
    PumpLinx has repeatedly been shown to be morethan 10 times faster than other commercial codes, enabling morecomplex simulations, including full transient analysis whenneeded.

– Robust Solver:
    PumpLinx is able to converge extremely difficultproblems, even those with detailed micro-scale features and/orsevere cavitation.

– Ease of Use:
    Less than 30 minutes is typically required tocreate a model with the aid of templates, automated mesh generationand a single GUI for set-up, simulation, andpost-processing. 

PumpLinx provides templates/modules for different categories ofcomponents and systems. These templates and modules enable therapid set-up and simulation of a full range of pumps, motors,turbines, and valves.

Installer Size: 453 MB

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