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Pixtra OmniStitcher v1.5 Crack


Software Description: Pixtra OmniStitcher v1.5 Keygen Crack

OmniStitcher™ is capable of constructingomnirama images (e.g., 360°x 360° panorama images that cover notonly the horizon but also the sky and the ground) from stitchingimages of multiple rows. It is a superset of PanoStitcher forone-row stitching.
Stitch photos from regular cameras
Stitch photos of multi-rows or of arbitrary overlap
Ability to stitch to a full spherical panorama
Correction of lens distortion and chromatic aberration with customcamera info making
Auto setup with Exif (Exchangeable image file format) info
Free virtual tour authoring feature: Make an immersive web tourwith two-button clicks
OmniStitcher™ constructs 360°x360° omnirama images from multi-rowsof overlapping photos taken around a fixed viewing point. It theninstantly converts the panorama images to wide wall posters,dynamic screen savers or interactive web pages.

Here are some key features of “PixtraOmniStitcher”:
File types Three Input: JPEG, BMP, TIFF
Output: JPEG, TIFF, QuickTime
Output styles
Two Rectilinear for wide views; Perspective for warp-freescenes.
Save project to work on later Yes At any later time, you cancontinue a project to add/remove photos , to make panoramas ofdifferent resolutions/sizes, or to post panoramas as screen saversor web pages.
– Stitch multi-rows Yes* A complete spherical panorama can bebuild- Stitch random photo set Yes* Interactive tools areprovided
– Auto-detection of focal length Yes Knowledge of camera focallength is not required
– Allows zooming Yes* Can stitch photos of very different zooms
– Allows different exposures Yes Automatically balances brightnessand intensity between photos
– Corrects camera distortion Yes* This is essential for makingseamless panoramas
– Corrects camera color aberration Yes* The aberration is strongwith inexpensive wide-angle lens
– Auto-aligns images Yes Overlapping images are registeredautomatically.
– Provides backup alignment tools Yes* Marker and Overlay method isprovided to deal with inevitable problems from real-worldphotos.
– Two manual stitching methods Yes* Marker and Overlay method
– Handles moving objects Yes* By customizing blending properties-Handheld capability Yes* Can stitch photos of very differentoverlaps, tilts and zooms
– Arbitrary output file size/resolution Yes* Smaller suitable forweb publishing while larger for screen savers and wall posters
– Auto intensity balancing Yes To compensate differences in cameraexposure.
– Manual intensity balancing Yes* For customization in addition toauto-balancing.
– Customize each photo’s blending order, location and width Yes* Tohand moving objects.
– Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Yes Adjust RGB channelsinteractively
– Cropping/Resizing Yes An omnirama image can be tailored toanother size/resolution
– Re-converts to omnirama Yes* Useful if other photo editingsoftware is used
– Distortion correction Yes* To correct the barrel effect wherestraight lines in the scene are curved in the photo.
– Fill pole regions Yes* So you can interactively put your logo tothe standing ground area to complete the omnirama.
– Visual multi-page printout setting Yes* Each printout page’slocation, size and margins are set visually
– Views panorama immersive-style Yes Virtual reality interactivityis supported by included PixtraViewer™ and PanoViewer™ plug-ins
– Dynamic screen saver albums Yes PanoScreen™ is included
– Instant immersive web virtual tour Yes* With a button-click, apanorama page is generated, using three browser plug-ins: Applet,QuickTime and ActiveX

Installer Size: 9.06 MB

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