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Pepakura Designer v4.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Pepakura Designer v4.0.6a Crack Serial

Pepakura Designer is a program developed inJapan for making unfolded 2D patterns from the 3D models. Becausethe operation is very simple, you can make patterns easily. Thenyou can edit the pattern as you like. Pepakura Designer makes iteasy to design original papercraft patterns by importing 3D modeldata. No special knowledge is required for making papercraftpatterns. All you have to do is prepare the 3D model. You may usesome 3DCG software released from other developers to make the 3Dmodels for unfolding. Not only can a pattern created by PepakuraDesigner be printed and saved as 2D image, but you can also shareit with other people.

The dedicated viewer, Pepakura Viewer, is available fromPepakura Designer’s official web site freely. Now you can enjoydesigning your own papercraft. The 3D models that you design with3D CG software, can be put out into the real world from the digitalworld using Pepakura Designer.

Supported 3D file formats:
– Metasequoia (mqo) (Recommended: Highest compatibility)
– Wavefront (obj)
– AutoCAD 3D (dxf)
– 3DS Max (3ds)
– Lightwave (lwo)
– Binary/ASCII STL (stl)
– Google Earth4 (kml, kmz)
– Collada (dae)

Here are some key features of “PepakuraDesigner”:
– Automatically generates an unfolded pattern from the 3D modeldata.
– The user can move, rotate, join and disjoin parts in thepattern.
– The user can place text and images in the pattern.
– Major 3D CG data formats are supported.
– The unfolded patterns can not only printed, but also exported tosome 2D formats.
– The user can distribute both the 3D model and the pattern in onefile, and other people can see it by using Pepakura Viewer.

Installer Size: 15.8 MB

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