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PCI Geomatica 2016 x64 Crack


Software Description: PCI Geomatica 2016 x64 + Activation Crack

PCI Geomatica is a remote sensing desktopsoftware package for processing earth observation data, designed byPCI Geomatics Inc. The latest version of the software is Geomatica2012, released in September 2011. Geomatica is aimed primarily atraster data processing and allows users to load satellite andaerial imagery where advanced analysis can be performed. Geomaticahas been used by many educational institutions and scientificprograms throughout the world to analyse satellite imagery andtrends, such as the GlobeSAR Program, a program which was carriedout by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing in the 1990s.

Here are some key features of “PCIGeomatica”:
Geomatica 2012 delivers intelligent automatic mosaicking thatincludes automatic detection and removal of image brightnessvariations, radiometric color balancing between images, andautomatic cutline determination to minimize visibility of seams inthe mosaic.
The streamlined Manual Mosaicking workflow allows users to manuallyvisualize their mosaic prior to actually running the process.

PCI Modeler
PCI Modeler provides an interactive methodology for the developmentof both simple and complex workflows.
PCI Modeler provides access to a number of standard operations suchas data import and export, as well as most EASI/PACE processingprograms.
The batching capabilities of PCI Modeler enables import files,export files, and parameter variations through multiple runs of amodel making modeler a much more powerful visual scriptingenvironment.

Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Analysis
Geomatica 2012 also adds SAR Coherent Change Detection giving usersthe ability to detect changes using remote sensing.
SAR is a particularly attractive tool for this application, becauseof its ability to collect fine resolution imagery in allillumination and weather conditions.

DEM Extraction
The Automatic DEM Extraction module allows you to create DigitalElevation Models (DEMs) from stereo airphotos, stereo images andRADAR data.
Image correlation is used to extract matching pixels in twooverlapping images and then use the sensor geometry from a computedmath model to calculate x, y, and z positions.

support for 150+ formats
Geomatica 2012 utilizes Generic Database (GDB) Technology todirectly read and write raster, vector and other information froman extensive list of supported file formats allowing quick anddirect access to data.
The list of GDB supported formats is constantly being expanded. Asnew geospatial formats appear, the GDB is updated by the PCIGeomatics development team.
Many popular formats such as those used by Arc/INFO, ArcGIS,AutoCAD and MicroStation are fully supported.

Functionality Improvements
Geomatica 2012 offers many improvements to basic functionality,which will reduce the number of clicks for common operations andsave you time.
These include using the mousewheel for panning and zooming, dragand drop functionality for EASI and Focus, as well as on the flyImage Enhancements.

Installer Size: 676.03 MB

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