Mon. Nov 29th, 2021
Oasys Software Suite v13.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Oasys Software Suite v13.0 x64 Crack Patch

The Oasys Software Suite, exclusively writtenfor LS-DYNA, is at the leading edge of the pre- and post-processingmarkets and is used worldwide by many of the largest LS-DYNAcustomers.

With the release of new version of the Oasys Suite provides theuser with even more tools and functions to reduce the amount oftime needed to build and check a LS-DYNA model, allowing theengineer to concentrate more on the actual problem in hand ratherthan just the task getting a model up and running in LS-DYNA.
Oasys Ltd is the software house of Arup and distributor of theLS-DYNA software in the UK, India and China. We develop the OasysSuite of pre- and post-processing software for use withLS-DYNA.
We have been working with Livermore Software Technology Corporation(LSTC), the developers of LS-DYNA, for over twenty years and havean in-depth knowledge of this powerful analysis tool. During thisperiod we have also been involved in developing some of thefeatures within LS-DYNA such as seatbelt system modelling, stagedconstruction, and various material models.

Installer Size: 374.94 MB

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