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Oasys ADC v8.4.12 Crack


Software Description: Oasys ADC v8.4.12 Keygen Crack

ADC is the ultimate beam design software forconcrete column design. Using this column design software you cananalyse and design piles, columns, beams, solid slabs and ribbedslabs straightforward, working to EC2, BS8110 and Hong Kong designcodes. It also checks the reinforcement detailing to ensure thatthe design is code-compliant and buildable.

ADC analyses and designs multi-span beams and slabs, includingconnecting columns. The program automatically applies patched loadsto work out the worst moment and shear envelopes. It can alsoredistribute the moments to maximise efficiency of the section. Theresult is a fully reinforced beam or slab design that takesdetailing, as well as span and effective depth checks, intoaccount.

The program also analyses and designs rectangular and circularcolumns, piles and circular piles for axial loads and moments,including automatically calculating eccentricity effects. ADCenables users to make the final engineering choice by presenting alist of reinforcement arrangements that meet the detailing and loadrequirements.
Wizards help users set up models and graphics give clear visualfeedback on the resulting bar layouts.
The ability for users to work with standard steel and concretematerial grades and rebar or define their own makes ADC flexible aswell as straightforward. This structural design software is easy touse and is ideal for both building and foundation designers.

Here are some key features of “ADC”:
– Design to EC2, BS8110, Hong Kong, ACI 318, AS3600 and IS 456design codes
– Wizards to guide you in setting up the model
– Work in a variety of units, whether preset SI, kN-m, kip-ft orkip-in unit sets, or specify them individually for eachcomponent
– Use standard steel and concrete material grades and rebar ordefine your own
– ADC checks the reinforcement detailing to ensure that the designis code-compliant and buildable
– ADC offers the following construction options: column, beam,solid slab, and ribbed slab design.

Installer Size: 23.90 MB

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