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Nucoda v2018.1.018 x64 Crack


Software Description: Nucoda v2018.1.018 SP2 x64 Full Crack

At Digital Vision, we understand that our customers need morethan just leading toolsets to create sophisticated lookenhancements. More importantly our solutions need to work withmultiple camera and file formats, allow for collaborative workflowsand deliver finished content for different viewing platforms,including stereoscopic 3D. In a nutshell, Nucodawas designed to offer a lot more than just colour grading.

Nucoda combines a creative tool set with a very tightintegration to the Avid workflow, including full support forInterplay. Setting new standards in the highest quality, Nucoda isa fully featured ACES grading system, featuring HDR grading andreal time EXR file format support.
With an industry leading colour toolset used by clients such asKeep Me Posted, Encore, Pixar and Disney, Nucoda creates complexlooks and visual styles for animation, working in 2K/4K and stereo.Included with Nucoda is a range of image processing tools calledDVO Classic, consisting of DVO Grain, DVO Aperture, DVO Regrain andDVO Brickwall.

Here are some key features of “Nucoda”:
– 64 bit native application makes use of all available systemmemory and cope with even the biggest images, including 4K.
– Familiar non-linear timeline layout and processing material in anatural and flexible way, with multiple video and audio tracks.
– Timeline and shot bookmarks allow for better organisation andretrieval of information.
– Versioning, easily add different versions of shots to the sametimeline.
– Import and conform support for a large number of image formatsincluding standard list formats like AAF, and EDL
– Automatically extract metadata and conform sequences.
– A powerful library for managing all imported and referencedmaterial with sorting, searching and sophisticated metadatahandling.
– Automatic library folder creation and item naming options on fileimport based on user configurable metadata extraction.
– World class interoperability with third-party systems supportingindustry standard formats like Avid DNxHD, AAF, MXF andQuickTime.
– Read and write DPX, Avid DNxHD, MXF and QuickTime formats.
– Every tool has extremely powerful isolation and routingfunctionality.
– Isolation can be matte based, user-defined shape based orundertaken via sophisticated keyer functionality.
– Layers can be selectively cached to streamline operations andgreatly enhance user interactivity.
– Multi monitor support with different resolution configurationsmakes working on complex timelines a breeze.
– Effect save and recall – save and recall effects using notes,from single effects to complicated multi-layered effects.
– Create a library of notes and apply to any segment on anytimeline in any project.
– Rendering engine – unobtrusive background rendering ensures youalways have the best results available without interruption.
– GPU acceleration – realtime Master Layer accelerates renderingfor Pan & Scan and Colour Correction work.
– Multiple formats can be used and delivered from the sametimeline.
– Globally apply final crops or resizes.
– VTR I/O Ingest and output. PAL, NTSC, HD, 2K and 4kmonitoring
– Support for RAW files from Canon , Sony, ARRI ,RED, SiliconImaging SI-2k, Phantom and Cinema DNG

Installer Size: 622 MB

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