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MIDAS NFX 2015 R1 Crack


Software Description: MIDAS NFX 2015 R1 Crack

Many industrial equipment and processes involve fluid andparticles in one system, where engineers want to understand theinteraction between particles and the fluid. Typical applicationsinclude filtration, solid-liquid mixing, spray coating, etc. Withthe newly implemented particle analysis in MIDASNFX, you can analyze the movements of particles inside thefluid and their interactions with the fluid. Most failures ofelectric products occur because of heat and stress generated fromelectricity. When electric current passes through a semi-conductor,heat energy is generated and temperatures at certain spots becometoo high. Without being discovered and dealt with at the designstage, this problem will lead to costly redesign or even productfailure. Joule heating calculates heat energy generated during thepassage of electric current through a semi-conductor.

It helps designers to spot the overheated areas and make properimprovements to their designs. More accurate and faster Multi-bodyDynamics to analyze movements of mechanical systems. In many cases,engineers need to use fluid analysis and structural analysistogether — calculate the thermal stress of an electronic board;examine the stress on a plane’s wing; investigate influence of windor fire on architectures.One way FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction)is developed to facilitate these situations. Analysis results offluid analysis (temperatures, pressures) can be automaticallyapplied to structural analysis as analysis conditions.

Here are some key features of “MIDAS NFX”:

Nonlinear Elastic Material
You can simulate nonlinear elastic material in NFX 2015. See how todo it in this example.

Multi-layered PCB
Taking into account the effective thermal conductivity of amulti-layered PCB used to be a challenging task. See how NFX 2015makes it easier for you.

Compact Thermal Model
CTM is a siplified behavioral model which accurately predicttemperatures at critical points (i.e.junction) in a electronicsystm. It significally reduce the computing time.

Cyclic Symmetry Boundary Condition
Many structures repeast around an axis (i.e. fans, turbines). Forthese structures, NFX 2015 can pattern geometries and loadscyclically, so you only need to model one small section to evaluatethe behavior of the whole structure.

Overset Mesh
In complex fluid flow problems, not every geometry can be wellrepresented using a single, contiguous mesh. NFX 2015 introducesoverset mesh function. Try how it works in this example.

1D CFD Analysis
This function helps to analyze flow, heat, and mass transport incomplex pipe networks easily with great saving of computationaltime. Try how to create 1D CFD element and how to connect it with3D domain.

Inertia Relief
Inertia relief enables the analysis of unsupported systems such asautomotives in motion, or satellites in space. It releases theinertia effect and the relative displacements are independent ofconstraint conditions.

Peel Down Selection
This tool helps you easily select geometries, which are difficultof access, inside the model.

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