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Live2D Cubism PRO v2.1.01 Crack


Software Description: Live2D Cubism PRO v2.1.01 Full Crack

Cubism Editor is a software tool that empowers creators to turnstatic 2D graphics into 2D models. It consists of Modeler for 2Dmodeling tool and Animator for animating the model.

2D Polygon Mapping
Live2D model is composed of texture assets. Each texture asset ismapped with editable 2D polygons specific to its shape. Manualmapping and manipulation of 2D polygons can be extremely tediousand time-consuming, but Modeler is equipped with powerfulefficiency tools including Magnetic Mapping and Dust Removal whichsubstantially speed up the mapping task.

Powerful Editing and Numerical Control ofMotions
Once all texture assets are mapped with 2D polygons, use Modeler’spowerful editing tools to manipulate texture assets into desiredforms. Among those tools are Coordinate Editing which lets youcollectively manipulate texture assets on a curved mesh or on arotation axis. Visual-based manipulations made in Modeler areautomatically converted into numerals so that such manipulationscan be controlled with given motion parameters, making the modelfully configurable and interactive.

Texture Assets Assignment
Texture assets (e.g. hair, clothes, etc) can easily be added,switched, or replaced, often without any additional mapping orediting of 2D polygons. This makes creating variable modelsextremely easy, and if you have enough variables, you can create afully configurable avatar system.

Animation Tool Dedicated to Live2D Model
Once a Live2D model is created with Modeler, import the Live2Dmodel(s) into Animator’s timeline to configure and programmovements (motion tracks) using motion parameters associated witheach specific Live2D model. Animator lets you create motion trackswith familiar user interfaces, such as visual animation tools,keyframe-based timelines, and a stage where you can drag-and-dropmodels. It also has interactive functionalities including AutoLip-sync, in which Animator automatically generates lip movementsaccording to an external voice file assigned.

Workflow of the Modern Digital Era
Animator takes advantage of digital production. To list a few,motion tracks can be archived to build a library, which you can useand apply to models as you see fit. Despite dealing with 2Dobjects, Animator can change its camera view as if you are dealingwith 3D models. You can also load multiple models in a same stage,allowing parallel and concurrent editing for easy scene-managementwith sophisticated stage effects.

Installer Size: 133.18 MB

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