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LANDWorksCAD Pro v7.0 Crack


Software Description: LANDWorksCAD Pro v7.0 + Crack

LANDWorksCAD is the ultimate professionallandscape architect and designers’ tool for creating the highestquality plans, elevations, 3D perspectives and details. Everythingfrom perspectives presentations, concept plans, planting plans,irrigation and lighting plans, construction details and more… allin the fastest possible time whilst maintaining your owndistinctive style.

Purpose Built for Professional Landscapers
LANDWorksCAD Pro is an easy-to-use professional level softwarespecifically created for landscapers needs. It is not anengineering software for computer guru’s and masterminds.
Most landscapers have avoided CAD because traditional CAD softwarewas too difficult, too basic, too ugly or too expensive? Look nofurther, LANDWorksCAD is designed with you in mind.

Get Supported
If you feel you want extra help choose full expert technical annualsupport with the support subscription plan for total peace of mind.We can assist you with practically any question.

Learn FAST
You can now learn the software online fast with our new CAD Level 1certificate training course. Complete the course at your own pacein the comfort of you home or office. You can even go back overwhat you’ve learned to refresh your memory. And when you havemastered the 2D you can progress seamlessly to 3D modelling.

When you buy LANDWorksCAD you don’t need AutoCAD. LANDWorksCAD is acomplete program in its own right. It has all the tools you expectin a professional CAD program and will work with files created inother CAD software. LANDWorksCAD is also easier to learn and useand is significantly less expensive too!

You can use LANDWorksCAD-Pro to create sketch plans, 3Dperspectives, sections, concept plans, planting plans, hard worksplans, construction details, plant schedules, contour plans,irrigation plans, lighting plans, elevations, presentations andmore.

Excel Database Driven
Keeping it so simple (KISS), LANDWorksCAD’s extensive plantdatabase is simply an excel spreadsheet file! This means you canedit and create your own plant list to suit the choice and trendsspecific to your preferences and plants in your area. You are notlocked in to plants from any one region or continent.

Professionals Anywhere
LANDWorksCAD is ideal for user from any location anywhere in theworld. The system operates in both Imperial and Metric units and issupplied with a huge plant database that can be edited and added towith ease. This software can be used in North America, the UK,Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Europe, Russia,India, China, Japan…. anywhere.

LANDWorks is compatible with files created with AutoCAD and manyother software programs allowing you to share your designs witharchitects, town planners, surveyors and public authorities. Youcan open and edit their files or even scan and accurately scaleexisting paper based drawings ready to start your design.

Head Start
Scanned drawings can be imported into LANDWorksCAD where they canbe accurately rescaled and used as an underlay for your designs.Ideal too for aerial photographs, Google Earth images and site planinformation.

Image Conscious
Digital or scanned photographs and other bitmap images can beincorporated into your drawings allowing for complex logo’s andgraphic illustrations of the plants and surrounds that relate toyour design. Let natures own imagery paint a picture for you andyour clients to appreciate.

Get Automated
Click on a plant or feature and LANDWorksCAD will give you thecorrectly named label (call-out) to place just where you want andin the style you choose. Multiple plants are also counted andquantities added to the label if desired.

Accurate Count and Legend
One more click and let LANDWorksCAD count all the plants and placean accurate plant schedule and legend in your drawing. It knowswhich plants are proposed and which are existing too!

Good Measure
Instant, accurate measurementtools assist in costing and calculating job requirements withconfidence. Calculate areas, lengths, angles and quantitiesstraight off the drawing, even around complex curves.

Locating end points, mid-points, distances, intersections andimportant key locations are achieved very intelligently withoutkeyboard commands or obscure mouse movements. Makes creating yourdrawings accurate and fast.
LANDWorksCAD even has a tool for measuring the position of twooffsets… so you can place a tree for instance, by telling thesystem how far from the fence and from the side of thebuilding.

Sketch and Stretch Technology
Changes to your design are made easier by LANDWorksCAD’s Sketch andStretchâ„¢ technology. Items can be roughed in and later stretched tothe desired position and everything attached updates automatically.The unlimited undo and redo allows you to be quite carefree as youwork, secure in the knowledge that you can go back to any stage,not just to the last function or two.

Instant Changes
If there was just one feature that made you buy LANDWorksCAD todayit would be this… Make sweeping changes to your design withouthaving to redraw. You can even ‘switch’ between a basic conceptappearance and a final detailed look for your plants with oneclick.

Chop and Swap
Adding to the ease of making changes is LANDWorksCAD’s uniqueability to find all the species of one plant and swap it foranother in a jiffy, and the labels, schedules, legends andappearance of your planting is updated immediately on yourcommand.

Magic Eraser
Powerful editing of lines is made possible by the proprietary MagicEraser function. Just press Alt+drag your cursor to trim, delete,or break lines of any type.

LANDWorksCAD Pro is the full 3D version of LANDWorksCAD. Fromheight data you have in the 2D drawing let LANDWorksCADautomatically generate a 3D DTM (Digital Terrain Model), thenproject the plants you’ve placed in plan onto the DTM surface.

Communicate Better
Need to explain an idea with clarity. Let 3D do the talking.

Up to 70% faster loading of Plant database
No waiting. Now get near instant access to your plant list withalmost no wait time. Select from the Insert Plant dialog in aninstant.

Super-easy and super-fast search filter
Choose your desired search field such as ‘common name’ and starttyping your search for your desired plant. The selectable plantlist automatically updates as you type, filtering your choices forreally quick and easy plant selection.

Personalized Plant Palettes
Just like an artist with his choice of media you can now create andrecall your own named palette of plants to select from, rather thantrawl through every plant in your database. Use plants from aprevious job, or ones that suit your specific criteria such as onlythose that are allowed in specific region. Use your horticulturalknowledge to build new plant palettes over time and recall them asneeded.

Visual Database Editing
Woohoo! No more guessing which CAD or Image file to use when youare building or editing your database. Now you can visually see andselect the figure or bitmap to use for each plant from a pictorialcatalogue.

Mass Planting
Version 6 lets you plant out entire regions with just a few clicks.It uses actual plant figures or just a hatch pattern to representthem; LANDWorksCAD v6 knows what plants are in the region andtreats them as fully editable groupings of plants. Set out yourMass Planting in rows and columns or offset patterns and even add arandomness factor to generate natural distribution or just to makeit look less formal.

Ground Cover
Not only can you do mass planting of individual species, you cannow apply ground cover species to areas of your design and havethose areas included in your labelling, scheduling and quantitytake-offs. Double click on an area and a dialog will tell you whatplant, how many and what area, easy.

Super Flexible Labelling
The most flexible labelling system is now in your hands. Set thefont style and label style including straight and curved leaders,single and multiple leaders, single or double leader elbows, showcontainer size and even underline your text. LANDWorksCAD v6 showsyou what your label will look like BEFORE you place it in yourdrawing and more importantly labels automatically update as changesare made in your drawing.
The enhanced Auto Labelling tool now lets you choose where the textgoes relative to the Plant’s centre and with all label types younow get to see what your labels will look like before you placethem. In Concept Planting you can edit the headings anddescriptions and the labels know which plants are the same and whathas and hasnt been labelled. Very clever and easy to use.

Fully Customise your Plant Schedules
LANDWorksCAD v6 lets you create Customised Schedules Types withyour desired display columns as well as different text and headingstyles and sizes. Save each of the combinations with a differentname for future use. V6 gives you more logical sizing options andhaloing of heading text. Fully export the schedule data to an Excelfile for use in other applications such as costing.

Beautiful Automated Shadows
Add instant depth and artistry to your plans with the completelynew instant shadow tool. Uniquely choose from a range of suppliedshadow styles and shapes or create your own. We have pre-set v6with the most commonly used shadow shape (half-moon) but you canassign any shape to each plant as desired.
Set the location of the Sun to get the correct shadow angle foryour design or just rotate the shadow settings with your mouse forthe best visual effect in your drawing.

LANDWorksCAD Stand-Alone Users: EnhancedToolBox
If you use LANDWorksCAD stand-alone version (the one based onRealCAD) and NOT the LANDWorksCAD for AutoCAD or BricsCAD you willgreatly appreciate the Enhanced Toolbox.
Add White-Out to your drawings to cover unwanted areas withoutdeleting any entities. Use the White-Out tool to mask a bitmap orjust remove the overlapping detail of a group of trees.
Have you ever inserted a plane, point to point only to find youmissed a corner? No problem. Now just Add a new vertex to theexisting Plane and drag it to where you want. No need to delete andre-insert.
Ever make a mistake half way through inserting a plane? Again noproblem, simply move the vertex to a new location or delete anunwanted vertex from your plane. Point to point planes can now beedited like sheets of elastic. Really cool.

Installer Size: 253.50 MB

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