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Golaem Crowd v6.2.4 for Maya 2016-2018 + v6.1.0 for Maya 2015 Crack


Software Description: Golaem Crowd v6.2 for Maya 2016-2018 + v6.1.0 for Maya 2015 Crack Serial

Golaem Crowd is an artist friendly crowdsimulation tool for Maya used in production by a long and growinglist of visual effect studios. With Golaem it’s easy to creatediversity and apply behaviors to create natural looking crowds in ashorter time than has traditionally been possible.

Feature Film Quality on a TV budget
Golaem helps you to populate shots in a short amount of time andwith limited budget.
Built with the artist in mind, Golaem automates repetitive andcumbersome tasks to let them focus on their art.
The Golaem workflow is built so that although it relies on AI,artists always get their last word to say and can keep totalcontrol of the results.

Create Believable Characters
Golaem makes your shots more realistic by generating variations foryou:
– Visual variations
– Animation variations
– Behavioral variations

Avoid Repetitive Work
Having characterswalking around in your scenes is a piece of cake. It takes only afew minutes.
They can be influenced by simple triggers like zone, time,distance, collision…

Use Golaem Assets or your own
Start rendering shots today thanks to the Golaem Assets, a set ofready-to-use character models and motions for stadiums, city streetor medieval battles.
Use your custom characters and motions with Golaem. Animate anytype of characters: humans, horses & riders, insects, bicycles,robots…
The Golaem workflow is so flexible that you can even start withGolaem assets and replace them by your own later.

Save assets production time
Golaem reduces the amount of motion capture you need to carry outfor your project.
Re-use motions from previous productions. Customize them by simplymixing them with a new simple animation. Adjust them withprocedural animation.

From 1 to 100 000 characters
Do not bother about the number of people in your viewport. Whateverthe number of characters you are dealing with, you can keep workingcomfortably, with an interactive viewport, full previsualizationand a small scene file.

Keep artistic control
Although it relies on AI to save you an unbelievable amount oftime, Golaem always lets you have the final say.
Achieve precise control over placement, shading, navigation… withthe Paint Tool or even modify simulation results with the Layouttool.

Easy scene sharing & Retakes
Golaem Layout is included with your Golaem license.
Visualize simulation results. Take full control to get a shot fromgood to perfect. Create a whole scene without even running asimulation.
Easily share scenes with other departments or other studios.Optimize the production workflow (e.g. senior artists in charge ofsimulations, juniors in charge of layout and retakes).

Quick Learning Curve
Because it is so user-friendly, Golaem is very fast to learn.
We have heard stories of runners contributing to crowd shots forfeature films after a few days.

Check your shot before rendering
No need to wait long hours for a render only to realize you havemade a mistake. Golaem provides an advanced previsualization mode,keeping the viewport interactive while displaying skinned mesh onall your characters.
Instantly inspect what a character is doing by selecting him.Display information in the viewport, check motion blending in theVisual Debug panel, or open the Behavior Editor to see runningbehaviors and triggers.

Pipeline Friendly
Golaem is very well integrated in Maya. It is natively compatiblewith major renderers in Maya, 3ds Max + V-Ray, Katana, Softimage +Arnold. FBX or Alembic exports are also available.
All parts of Golaem are scriptable using MEL or Python. A C/C++ APIenables you to read the exported simulation cache.
For your FX team, Golaem can generate locators and/or colliders

Installer Size: ~
28 MB

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