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DS GEOVIA Surpac v6.7.4 x64 Crack


Software Description: GEOVIA Minex v6.5.293.0 x64 Crack Serial

Minex is the recognized world leader ofintegrated geology and mine planning solutions for coal and otherstratified deposits. Minex ensures resources are evaluatedaccurately and mined efficiently from exploration torehabilitation. As a single integrated solution, data and skillscan be readily moved between teams at significant time and costsavings.

Here are some key features of “Minex”:
Graphics: Sophisticated and powerful 3D modelling environment.
Plotting: Create, preview, annotate and print user-defined plan andsection plots from grids, triangles and boreholes.
Surface Modelling: Create triangles and grids and calculatevolumes.
CAD Tools: Create and work with point and line data.
Seam Modelling: Load boreholes from ASCII, ODBC or acQuireâ„¢.Interpolate missing data and automatic generation of multiple seamgrids. Resource classification and calculations (quality, depth,thickness and distance).
Coal Washability: Store coal wash data based on wash density andparticle sizing. Accumulate data
Fault Modelling: Comprehensive fault modelling tool that handlesreverse and normal faulting.
Dump Scheduling and Haulage Planning: Design waste dumps and haulroads, schedule the dumping of waste, calculate haulage cycletimes, and report on all aspects of the waste removal and haulageprocess.
Reserves: Design pits with strip and block divisions and generatereserves from a seam model. Adjust the reserves for miningdilution, seam combining and seam wasting by thickness.
Pit Optimizer: Use industry standard Lerchs Grossmann algorithm togenerate optimum pits from an unfaulted or faulted Minex geologicalmodel.
Open Pit Drill and Blast: Layout blasthole patterns.
Open Pit Surveying: Connect to survey instruments to collect andmanage topography data.
Open Pit Earth Works: Design dumps and roads and rehabilitate dumpsusing cross sections.
Spoil Reshaper: Reshape dump surfaces to minimize dozer pushdistance.
Open Pit Scheduling: Schedule an open pit mine using simpletargeting or detailed equipment scheduling.
Underground Engineering: Create detailed underground mine designsand schedule using a set of rich and interactive tools that provideinstant visualization of your design as it unfolds. Enhancedunderground mine scheduling using a set of tools that areintegrated with the mine design and reserves database.

Installer Size: 572.03 MB

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